dinsdag, juni 27, 2006

Mom knows what this girl wants

you know the surprise gifts she promised? She got me this oilcloth tablecover:

And this:

How totally gorgeous is this and practical I mean to get something that combines the two is unfortunately pretty rare:Of courseI couln't wait for the guests to leave so I could start organising..

The lovely pincushion is made by autum and in the left uppersection you can see my brand new rotarycutter that I got from my mil. I so have to work because I'm close to deadlines and summer set in full force so it seems I have to write the whole damned thing by myself. I just want to sew...
*Edited to add"I know I should've used organised in the loostest sense of the way I did it during the match and whave been working ever since... *

2 opmerkingen:

Mirre zei

Cool pressies!!
Wat een leuk tafelkleed... heeft je moeder toevallig gezegd waar ze het gekocht heeft?!

weirdbunny zei

That table cloth is amazing. Those sewing boxes are so handy, I've got one the same but I keep paints in it.