maandag, juni 19, 2006

Lots of catching up to do.

first in between the big blogbagcrafting (yes I know I'm late but I do love what I'm making) I made this. I think its the most adorable and impractical coinpurse I've ever seen. I bought a big bag of embroideriefloss and this beautiful skylike felt last week and this weekend I got my first birthdaypresent. Heavy pinking sciccors so I needed to try it all out. I'm in love with it. Picture is crappy I've got one camera at the shop and one with an empty battery.. So this is a scan!

I've just bought my mag for cottonstrudels magazineswap. I think that's a fab idea. This swap is about new mags but it might be fun to do a recycle one in a couple of months.. don't you think? just to exchange one pile of old magazines for a new pile of old magzines

Further more
Amy and Erin have made mailed and blogged their bags for the blogbagswap. They are better than me! You can see the bags here and here!

My mailbox was full with gorgeous stuff. I owe you a picture of my icecreamnecklace from
pancake meow! It's so gorgeous I have had comments about it all the time and my daughter wants to seriously eat it! I was lucky enough to place my order before she got seriously popular but it is so worth the wait! Not typically gorgeous but very special to my heart was the enormous roll of freezerpaper Erin send me. I think I can make t shirts for my grandchildren with that roll! I 've tried it but am perfecting my design and cuttingskills before I show you! Erin this was so sweet of you and it is as much fun as I hoped. Thank you so much....

A couple of weeks ago I was going to shut down the computer before going to bed and as you do i surfed just for 2 minutes. Then I saw this.... I'm so happy with my personalized labels.. Jojo makes the most beautiful things here is proof.

I Have sanned mine but blogger seems a bit insulted by my pictures... It won't have them!

Further more boy is in for his second week of schools and it is heaven. He is happy tantrumfree and so eager to learn. He was a difficult child the last months. He must've been so bored..

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autum zei

Your little coin purse is very pretty. I love the birds.

chest of drawers zei

I´m sure my bag will be wonderful, stop worrying! Yours is finished and off today!
The idea of a recycled mag swap is fantastic!