donderdag, juni 22, 2006

It's my party and I cry if I want to

Apparently even 31 isn't grown up enough to have a birthday without dramatic crying of the birthdaygirl.... My birthday just wasn't fun. It started with me having my period on my birthday. Evolution should've done something about that.. My husband hadn't bought me a present for all good and valid reasons but he could've substituted with chocolate or flowers or something. The kids bought me everything exactly from my wishlist which is good of course but also lacks a bit of magic. The only card I got was from my boss and all phonecalls were interrupted by screaming kids. When I bathed the kids Daughter pooped in the bad. So I had to desinfect bath toys and bathe children again. While I was doing that daughter peed on the floor and then fell on the now slippery floor. Just at the exact moment husband entered the room and told me to make sure the floor was dry next time..

When I wanted to brush sons teeth he decided to play Superman.. And started jumping and yes. Hit his cheek againts the bath.. So the next three quarter of an hour I spent holding an ice compress on a blue cheek and then I went downstairs to have a fight with husbands centering around me saying he acts like my dad and he replying that that might be so but that I acted as a kid.. The sad truth is we are both right so we've got something to work on.. In the background some people footballed and there wasn't even a goal..

Today I still feel sad and down and I decided to craft despite knowing this to be stupid. So I tried to fix a designproblem on my finished bag for Claudia and I ruined it... and I cried like a baby.. Because of course that would happen..

I know it will look better tomorrow.and I will still send the bag and she will see the effort but something I was really proud of but wanted to be even better now is something that hurts because I was to stubborn to outsit a shitty day..
It doesn't really make any sense to me either but I can't find more adequate words.

PS And the birth day situation is all my own fault I always forget to send cards and haven't celebrated my birthday in 10 years and still I do feel sad that day when noone jumps from behind the couch. Parent and in laws will be here the weekend.. and mom promised a suprprisegift

PS. 2 I forgot my coffeemachine broke down the morning of my birthday

Ps.3 I might call the lovely lady mentioned in number 12..

pS. 4 I missed out on the wee wonderfulls booklet.. I think I just give upt his week..

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autum zei

I'm sorry you had a yucky birthday :( Maybe your the visit from your mom will make it better. Take care!!! {{{{Hugs}}}}
ps I think your husband is quite lucky you didn't drown him in the poopy bath. A pms'ing, tired out mama who feels neglected on her birthday doesn't want to be told what she should've done. I'm sure it would be a defense that would hold up in court. (If the judge was a woman)

Amy zei

#1 Happy birthday, again - even if it was decidedly not happy.
#2 Sorry. Moms are so good at saying they don't want anything special for their birthdays -- and meaning it when they say it -- and then not meaning it when it comes to the actual day. We are all kids at heart.
#3 Even so, that was a crap day. And your daughter topped that off with actual crap. Nice.
#4 Why wasn't your husband giving the baths on your birthday so you could sit and watch non-scoring fusballers and drink beer?
#5 I am so in love with you put together two English words in your posts - a little bit of language fusion. Love. it.
#6 Hope your mommy comes and gives you a little love and birthday surprises!

weirdbunny zei

oh dear, I'm so sorry you had such an awful birthday..
Sometimes as time goes by, we learn that us ladies just have to treat ourselves. Husband needs to look after kids, while you have a wonderful lunch followed by a shopping trip.

chest of drawers zei

Oh Mijk! Cheer up, there is always so much pressure on Birthdays to be good days but it usually ends up being different. Mums make so much effort so everyone else´s birthday is wonderful and of-course then we feel let down when it´s our turn to be spoiled.
ps.I will love the bag, I will cherish it and appreciate it because you made it for me.