donderdag, juni 01, 2006

I actually made something

and I shouldn't post it here because it is a surprise. ANNE-MARIE NIET VERDER LEZEN! Knowing this dear friend she will probably read on anyway.. But I warned her.. Do you know that feeling that you feel a bit out of touch with your own life and people tell you it isn't that bad? Well, here it probably is that bad. Because two of my dearest girlfriends wrote me an e-mail basically asking if I still liked them or that I might want to play with you more often. Well I kinda like you readers here but these friends rock. We met on a bulletinboard when tryiong for a baby (Not an easy journey for some of us) started private e-mails and we now write ever day for the last 5 years, and have met on may happy occasions. Exept I was withdrawing and even forgot birhthdays. Meike turned 4 on the 4th of may. I so remember holding her in my arms smelling her while she searched for my breast (I leaked so much) In my belly was my own firstborn to be. Between that day and 5 weeks I would be a mom myself. She was gorgeous..

She is a girly girl and I decided she needs a bag. If she is anything like her mom she need more than one bag for shopping. So here it finally is.. ( I didn't really forget wanted to do something special and ended up doing nothing..BAD habit) The roses are from a swap with autum the strawberrybit (which is a little pocket comes from megan and the rickrack and daisy's are of the creative little daisy again the rest is from my stash it was a true use what you have project) Of course the son wants a bag now too..I'm most proud of the fact that the daisies and rickrack match up either side. That was a true miracle.. Improvement at last. The letters are a bit wobbly but I kind of like it myself.. (Meike is pronounced the same as Mijke so I could keep it ;-)

9 opmerkingen:

autum zei

That is very pretty. I'm sure your little friend will love it!

chest of drawers zei

It´s lovely, every little girl should have one!

Blanche zei

It's very cute and sweet and I think you did a good job taking the picture, too! I think you need some handmade glass beads hanging from it somewhere! My husband makes them so maybe we can swap!

Susan zei

She's a lucky girly girl!

jojo* zei

I'm sure she'll love that! I love the little stems that go up to the daisies. So cute!

weirdbunny zei

I just love the strawberries on it.

Anoniem zei

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