woensdag, juni 28, 2006

google is still learning Dutch

So I went with bablefish. It's quite funny how it even translated my English ( I know it's not perfect but some how don't think that it has improved!) . I'm seriously curious if one of you native english speakers has a clue what I was on about after reading this:

experimenting in dutch

A while ago susan were curious about my ' voice ' in dutch. And I read some very funny googletranslations recently. So I post a column I wrote recently in dutch and will verify what google makes or it!


About fourteen months suffered wrote I my first column after my pregnancy leave. He did not concern hard news because I still floated in the small wereldje of new life. At this moment I resist approximately on the same point. The world is just as very small. No new baby, no sickness or other large trouble. Simply the small things of all day with a peuter and a small child in house. Yes, a small child, my small boy have gone for three weeks to school. A another rhythm, a another diagram and an endless flow for which asks. Why people die in fact, mummy? during potato peels. The baby ongemerkt a peuter has become. Them talks still but little but can lie scream sticking out on the ground. And yielded or what is suffered they go doorslapen and then my believe lijf in this at last (and not whole independent three times per night awake became) came there an enormous flow onvermoedde fatigue started separately. Therefore at the moment my indignation has been house-enjoyed exclusive for. The news does not captivate me this way. Of course I look at making of it also as Hirsi Ali and Verdonk their toneelstuk still absurder. As a response I did not come further than that I find it on its gentle said strange that a maintaining seems geacepteerd become which actually means on: "he started and I beat him on its head because he my car made piece, but that he not at all made piece that he only said, thus am it am debt that I on its head beat." According to me it is no wonder that Wouter bunch and Femke Halsema here most critical are, which hears this type peuterlogica also more often. The new school takes along its own new day rhythm with itself and that has not yet crept in. Gistermiddag on the school square hunted adrenalin all of a sudden by my lijf then I eventjes of convinced there were that I somewhere forget my little girl were. I did not have its indeed at me. Them zat safely on the creche, were, as it happens, my working day. She can then simply to the creche up to 6 hours. School closes the poort already for the quarter concerning three. The after-school relief has a guard list and I found still a new group, however, what much of good. Three times in the week remain, must I already regularly defend. Fortunately my work is in a flexible way enough simply after reading Pinkeltje still even further go. Thus I stared yesterday after I had promised the opmaker overmoedig that it there at nine o'clock its to an empty baffle. Permanently of plan no column to write concerning the fact that I submit none for a column can find. At ten o'clock I have given it up, I found simply nowhere something of. It is now twenty concerning nine in the morning for the looks at teletubbies and I tik nevertheless a column concerning my huiselijke life with two children and a small part-time job. That is, as it happens, however, highest current! I read vanmorgen in the newspaper that the FNV finds that I more must will work because there are too few children and it wants CNV do our 10,000 euro gift in the life course pot if we get there still. I thought two things: you can, however, see who of the two trade union Presidents there young children has and over 3 hours I must be again on school. Someone leaves that firstly regulate! Mijk

I no it's too long so you probably wont't reach the bottom! But well it made me laugh!

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Amy zei

Huh? During potato peels? Google definitely has a little more learning to do...

chest of drawers zei

Hmmmmm...I sort of get it because I know what you´re talking about but if I read it without know√≠ng you I would say "what the f*#!???"

KJ's muse zei

Yep, the translation doesn't quite cut it, but it IS funny. Still, enjoyed the Dutch version more!