zaterdag, juni 24, 2006

But he build me a rosegarden

Because I'm a woman I'm now obliged to tell you why my husband is a wonderful man. (Although I did find an attorney who promised me he would've kept me out of jail if I had drowned him, Autum and the attorney was a MAN!)

Anyway I made a list (especially for Amy)

Eleven reasons to keep the love of my life in my life

1 He is a domestic God. He cooks, he cleans, he irons, he folds laundry way better then I.

2 Not only does he have a great sense of humor. He can laugh at himself (even when I was talking to the attorney above...)

3 He talks to animals. Really. On our honeymoon he had a great conversation with a Moose and he once rescued a lost babyduck in the middle of the night by mimicking it's sound until the little baby trusted him enough to follow him 20 meters to his mum.. All the time he made this babyduck sounds..

4 He believes in me like no-one else in the world and that includes me.

5 When he watches his favourite comedies, again, he starts laughing way before the joke. Watching him watching Fawlty Towers makes my heart flutter and my bladder bursting..

6 He educates all the new fathers at work on breastfeeding and he knows his stuff..

7 He recovered from severe depression and talks about it openly in case someone needs to hear it..

8 His mum already had a son didn't expect a third son so decided that she would do all the girlie things with son number 2. which resulted in reason number 1 and him saying: 'if you want to learn to knit I can teach you,' last week..

9 He has puppiebrown eyes

10 when we bought this house it was new I was 35 weeks pregnant and the garden was mud and weeds. He depressed as hell promised me he would build me a rosegarden and this pictures I made this morning

11 When he would read this list he would insist on me saying he is all that and a manly, cool, tough and sexy guy and he is..He actually IS a rocket scientist (sort of)

4 opmerkingen:

autum zei

Your garden is overflowing with beautiful flowers and plants. Look at all those blooms on that hydrangea bush. Wow! And your little girl is so cute in her aqua and brown.
Your list brought tears to my eyes. It sounds like you have a nearly perfect husband. Don't drown him.

Susan zei

I agree with Autum, your husband sounds like a keeper! It's hard when we fight with the people we love. Glad to hear that you won't be drowning him :-)

I love the last foto -- just like the one of your wedding day, but I'm strange like that, I like fotos were you see the backs of people as they enter a space :-)

Sounds like you're cheering up a little from your birthday blues. Not sure what's going on, it seems like it's contagious in blogland. Maybe we're all ready for some vacation, hihi.

Amy zei

Love the list -- as always. Oh, they are all good, no excellent, reasons to keep him. But #3!! Fantastic, just fantastic.

Gina zei

How sweet!!!
And your rose garden is simply beautiful. He did an amazing job.