zondag, juni 11, 2006

And now the boy is four

four! That is seriously big. (and this feels like yesterday so when did this all happen?) And tomorrow he will be going to school. And I have this stone in my stomach.. I will blog more later but life has been very hectic I had my mil for 2 nights and my mom staying after that and now I can't find a thing in the house. Life is good here. The sun shines and in 3 hours and our first worldcup match is on.. (I do love these tournaments. I've been nervous since I woke up this morning, so silly)

Oh my boy chose the beachtheme for his cake. The sides fell apart because my normal fillingmix wasn't available and this was a bit too moist. I t was very tasty though and the top looks ok. Especially since I finished it after midnight!

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Susan zei

Alsnog gefeliciteerd -- en wat een mooi weer heeft Stijn gehad voor zijn "beach theme" :-)

My mom was here for two weeks and left on Thursday. It's wonderful having them around, but also nice to have your house back! (Although the laundry does have to figure out how to walk to the machine again.)

autum zei

Happy birthday to your big boy!