dinsdag, juni 20, 2006

31 things about Mijk

1. My real name is Marieke.
2. I am a coffee-addict.

3.I wore my first pair of jeans when I was 11.
4 I've spent my childhood wearing skirts and climbing trees.
5. I'm growing my hair for the first time in my life.
6. I've been a scout since I was 7 .

7. My husband has been scouting all his life as well.

8. I've been with this man for more than half my life.
9. I've got a an almost 8 year old Large Munsterlander.
10. I don't have a driverslicense.

11. I can do all our grocery weekend shopping on my bike and take my children with me.

12. I've seen a therapist for a while and it worked wonders.

13. I'm a daddy girl and so is my daughter.

14. My eyes are green.
15. I'm allergic for most synthetic fabrics.
17. I love red meat.
18.I get seriously grumpy without my morningpaper
19. I'm an editor for a churchpaper.
20. I love beer.
21. Before I had children I occasionally smoked a cigar but never smoked anything else.
22. My favourite colour has been green for a long long time but I seem to be shifting to orange. 23. I'm an anglophile.
24. I love chips with mayonnaise.

25. I'm chaotic in everything that I do.

26. And I love order.
27. I love to sing although I'm not good at it.
28. I love to read. I've got a big love for children's books.

29. I always wanted 3 children . Having 2 I think we're complete.

30 My birthday is on the longest day of the year.

31. I will be 31 years old tomorrow.

7 opmerkingen:

autum zei

happy birthday friend!!

Susan zei

Gefeliciteerd! Geniet van je dag :-)

Sabine zei

Gefeliciteerd!!! Grappig je bent op de zelfde dag jarig als Dorien, maar dat wist je natuurlijk allang;-))

Amy zei

You've got a way with lists, I think. I just loved this. And I like you even more now -- such charming little glimpses into your life. Happy birthday solstice girl! Have a beer!

chest of drawers zei

Was it because of number 11 that you needed number 12?????

Erin zei

Happy birthday! Hope it was wonderful.

weirdbunny zei

I'm a coffee girl too, tea is horrid.