dinsdag, mei 23, 2006

Time to think

As 20-06 is getting close to the halfwaypoint I just decided on an evaluation of the year so far. That means evaluating the part over which I have any controle.. Above my desk were my 3 simple wishes for this year:

I wanted things cleaner, more structured and more creative. I have succeeded in the last but failed spectacularly in the first two and it brings me down.

At the moment the chaos in my life and home brings chaos in my head and it is litterally depressing.

It is now the moment for change. I have slept for several weeks now ( the cryin out loud method was the thing for gil and us!) and I'm only mildly tired at the moment but the months of sleepdeprivation and illness have ripped out every memory of routine and structure in this house. This will need to change..

In order to make space for that in my head and heart and day I'm gonna cut back on computertime. I'll start with an tiny bloggingbreak and will be back for posts and will be crafting (I've put togehter a design for claudias blogbagswap and need to get sewing) ..
I don't even know if you will see less of me but I need to say this out loud to make my new plan a reality!

I'm gonna battle chaos in my lovely new pinny ;-)

9 opmerkingen:

erin zei

Good luck and rest up. The computer can take up a lot of time, can't it.

I'm still working on my blogbagswap bag too. So glad you organized this. It's such a fun idea.

chest of drawers zei

I know how you feel - just take one little step at a time and you will get there. Your bag is also coming together, can´t wait to swap!

Amy zei

Creativity and cleanliness/structure don't usually go hand in hand. But I know what you mean -- in fact I am planning on organizing the stash today. Rest and rejuvanate.

Megan zei

Battling chaos in a new pinny sounds like just the thing. Hope you can find some structure in your life and be back with us soon. For me, I find getting organised helps my creativity a lot.

apprentice zei

Yes, be kind to yourself. Creativity will feed the soul more than order. So put some structure in place, but don't be too rigid.
Life is hard with wee kids, but this like all things will pass so enjoy them at this stage, and enjoy your life and the summer light.


weirdbunny zei

I've just had my computer back. When the computer man took it away it was awful at first. Then it was brilliant not having the computer fill up my time obbsessively - now he's brought it back!! Have a break and enjoy!!

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