maandag, mei 08, 2006

My machine died on me..

So many plans but it doesn't seem my day today. I am truly on the edge of a breakdown. Actually;y I might be over but to stubborn too admit it..
Apparently if after say 4 years of broken nights one gets too sleep full nights there are almost as much hidden places filled with tiredness as there were sources of strengths during the young mum stage. Well It will settle but it has been a hell of a couple of months so I shouln't be surprised.
I've dealt with some business this morning and had a machine full of new fabric and planned on sewing my pif gift and make a t shirt dress inspires by Amy's mom. But well My machine seems as tired as me and maybe I'll take his lead and take a couple of days of. ...

4 opmerkingen:

Mirre zei

Misschien moet je dit inderdaad maar zien als een goed moment om eens uit te rusten... succes!

Amy zei

Sorry about your machine. If it has to go to the shop, it is hard for the a few days - but it does actually make a nice break. Sounds like you need one.

chest of drawers zei

I agree...relax...take a break...keep enjoying the warmer weather. I hope your machine is OK!

weirdbunny zei

sorry your having such a bad day. I finally managed to follow your instruction as can now link to other peoples blogs I mention in my post's. Thank You so much for explaining in my commnet section to me.