zondag, mei 14, 2006

Mothers day

The kids made footprints in daycare. You know the kind the police does in children detectivebooks. Poor plaster in a print left in wet earth. They did it in sand so I've got a beachfeel bed now.. Husband bought me 'How to be a domestic goddes' and proved to be a domestic god by decideing to clean my kitchen drawers all by himself. They are clean and lovely and organised now..

Do I have the best man ever or what ?

(Flu is over! sewingmachine will be made tuesday, stay tuned!) Now I need to bake cookies with the boy who has been to school uesterday. To 'get used to it'. Only 4 weeks and he will be 4!

2 opmerkingen:

autum zei

Happy Mothers Day!! I think the gift your husband gave you is the best.

jojo* zei

He cleaned your kitchen drawers!? Better hold on to that man! :)

Happy mother's day!