dinsdag, mei 30, 2006

It turned

in a real little vacation.and it was lovely. I came back quite refreshed and full of inspiration. First the secret blogbagswap... and the boy's 4th birthday. This is an enormous big deal because it means in a weeks time he will be out of daycare and the week upon that in school full-time. I never know how it could go this fast..

Anyway I need your help.
First: I want to make Nigellas carrotcupcakes form Domestic Goddess as a daycare treat. Because he has onyearolds in his group I left out the nuts but I find them a bit blend that way. Anybody any suggestions for replacements. Or ways to jazz up the taste a little bit.

Second: I want to make bunting for his birthday and I want to stamp them making a test so I would love the freezerpaper idea but we don't have it it doesn't exist her to my knowledge and my research. So anybody knows a just as quick alternative orknows of a secret European stash. I'm glad to hear from you..

Back later with real crafting ;-)

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Susan zei

Raisins soaked in orange juice (instead of nuts?)

I'll be busy that day too -- Mirthe turns five! I'm making pink kitty cupcakes -- just regular cupcakes with pink frosting, and kitty faces made from drop and smarties and such.

I have no idea what freezer paper is. Maybe they mean baking parchment, could be similar?

Amy zei

I was going to suggest raisins too. Bea loves them in muffins etc.

When you get meat at the butcher, do they ever wrap it in some thick paper that is waxy on one side and papery on the other? That is the same stuff I think. Basically the wax melts to the fabric but doesn't come off. If you can get some of that paper it is worth a try.

Mirre zei

Als je er achter komt waar we in NL freezer paper kunnen kopen, dan hoor ik het graag van je :))

weirdbunny zei

Gentlytiptoe used wax paper on her blog for the stencilling. She said it came out okay. Try looking it up on google.

chest of drawers zei

You could make stamps out of large sponges - like the ones used for washing the car. You cut around the shapes with a scalpel,dip the sponge in paint and press. I have also made "schablonen" out of old ex-rays, let me know if you want the instructions.

Judith zei



Erin zei

I have a huge roll of freezer paper. I'd be happy to share some of it with you--email me with your address if you'd like some. Erin.

Anoniem zei

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Anoniem zei

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