maandag, mei 22, 2006

And there it is!

One quilted purse done and more to come, I think, because I like it. I like the fact that I made lots of mistakes (It seems I'm a bit challenged at straightsewing) but it still looks quite good. I loved the process and I love the endproduct and well there is lots of improvement to make here! I love the colourcombinations they really softened while quilting..
Just realized I haven't yet pictures the big which is quite different.

I'm in love with fabric covered buttons. What a fun thing to do..

Well, I guess by now you want to see a picture.....

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Mirre zei

Hele leuke tas!
(staat ook nog op mijn lijstje om een keer te maken...)

autum zei

You did a beautiful job. I love the colors!!

jojo* zei

It's beautiful! Way to go!

Erin zei

Well done! This is lovely.

chest of drawers zei


anita zei

Beautiful! I love these colors.

--erica zei


Anoniem zei

Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.

Anoniem zei

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