dinsdag, mei 16, 2006

Altered t-shirt and quilted purse

The sewingmachineguy has been here this morning. He parkes his van on the driveway carried my machine into the back where he has this lovely tiny workshop and repaired it on the stop. There was nothing really wrong with it. It was just plain dirty (I hadn't expected anything else). It was great service and it works like a dream!

I wanted to make a t-shirt dress for the daughter for a long time but when I found this supercute vintage curtain with tiny flowers I had to do it. So here come my first attempt. I love first attempts it is always a good excuse for mistakes!

It is a bit of awide tshirt but daughter has a adorable big babygirltummy so I need that space ;-) I think it is a bit big anyway, but she still prefers 'walking' on her knees to walking on her feet so we are not completely ready for dresses (she might start walking if I put her in a dress but that would be kind of cruel wouldn't it?)

One of the things I admired most in the beautiful work I was lucky enough to receive from Autum, is the way she uses so many colours and matches them in a way that is not busy in any way.. I'm not good with colour but planned on trying so I decided to try a quilted purse of my own..

Here is one of my arrangements so far (and yes I know I need a rotarycutter)

10 opmerkingen:

Angela zei

THe dress turned out lovely! Very cute patch on the top part too! I think you fabric selection for your bag in progress is wonderful.

chest of drawers zei

Your creations are beautiful!

Amy zei

Congratulations - the dress looks wonderful! Bea's is wide at the waist too -- but it looks cute and comfy that way! Way to go!

jojo* zei

That dress is sooo cute! I love it. Can't wait to see how your bag turns out.

autum zei

I love the colors you chose for the purse. I can't wait to see the finished product.

anita zei

I love your bag colors! I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.

weirdbunny zei

What a brilliant idea, I've never thought of doing that with a tee shirt!

Anoniem zei

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