dinsdag, mei 30, 2006

It turned

in a real little vacation.and it was lovely. I came back quite refreshed and full of inspiration. First the secret blogbagswap... and the boy's 4th birthday. This is an enormous big deal because it means in a weeks time he will be out of daycare and the week upon that in school full-time. I never know how it could go this fast..

Anyway I need your help.
First: I want to make Nigellas carrotcupcakes form Domestic Goddess as a daycare treat. Because he has onyearolds in his group I left out the nuts but I find them a bit blend that way. Anybody any suggestions for replacements. Or ways to jazz up the taste a little bit.

Second: I want to make bunting for his birthday and I want to stamp them making a test so I would love the freezerpaper idea but we don't have it it doesn't exist her to my knowledge and my research. So anybody knows a just as quick alternative orknows of a secret European stash. I'm glad to hear from you..

Back later with real crafting ;-)

dinsdag, mei 23, 2006

Time to think

As 20-06 is getting close to the halfwaypoint I just decided on an evaluation of the year so far. That means evaluating the part over which I have any controle.. Above my desk were my 3 simple wishes for this year:

I wanted things cleaner, more structured and more creative. I have succeeded in the last but failed spectacularly in the first two and it brings me down.

At the moment the chaos in my life and home brings chaos in my head and it is litterally depressing.

It is now the moment for change. I have slept for several weeks now ( the cryin out loud method was the thing for gil and us!) and I'm only mildly tired at the moment but the months of sleepdeprivation and illness have ripped out every memory of routine and structure in this house. This will need to change..

In order to make space for that in my head and heart and day I'm gonna cut back on computertime. I'll start with an tiny bloggingbreak and will be back for posts and will be crafting (I've put togehter a design for claudias blogbagswap and need to get sewing) ..
I don't even know if you will see less of me but I need to say this out loud to make my new plan a reality!

I'm gonna battle chaos in my lovely new pinny ;-)

maandag, mei 22, 2006

And there it is!

One quilted purse done and more to come, I think, because I like it. I like the fact that I made lots of mistakes (It seems I'm a bit challenged at straightsewing) but it still looks quite good. I loved the process and I love the endproduct and well there is lots of improvement to make here! I love the colourcombinations they really softened while quilting..
Just realized I haven't yet pictures the big which is quite different.

I'm in love with fabric covered buttons. What a fun thing to do..

Well, I guess by now you want to see a picture.....

woensdag, mei 17, 2006

Mise en place

Whenever my father cooks he goes on and on about the mise en place. This is vitally important. To me it's just making even more of a mess. Does this sounds familiar to any of you: My mom just cooks lovely meals. My father is a good cook but it is theatre when he gets in the kitchen.

He does love to cook with my son and has passed the bug to him for which I am grateful though. My brother is usually my ally when it comes to teasing my dad but with the mise en place I'm on my own. My brother is a waiter (well not really anymore he manages the whole bloody restaurant right now) and he had some chefs training so he does the preparation thing..

Yesterday I found that my dad might be right. I decided to quilt with red thread in the quilted purse because I tried to be daring with colour. It might have been a good Idea to check if I had 2 spools of that because I don't and now I can't go on..

Of course I will never tell dads he's right.

dinsdag, mei 16, 2006

Altered t-shirt and quilted purse

The sewingmachineguy has been here this morning. He parkes his van on the driveway carried my machine into the back where he has this lovely tiny workshop and repaired it on the stop. There was nothing really wrong with it. It was just plain dirty (I hadn't expected anything else). It was great service and it works like a dream!

I wanted to make a t-shirt dress for the daughter for a long time but when I found this supercute vintage curtain with tiny flowers I had to do it. So here come my first attempt. I love first attempts it is always a good excuse for mistakes!

It is a bit of awide tshirt but daughter has a adorable big babygirltummy so I need that space ;-) I think it is a bit big anyway, but she still prefers 'walking' on her knees to walking on her feet so we are not completely ready for dresses (she might start walking if I put her in a dress but that would be kind of cruel wouldn't it?)

One of the things I admired most in the beautiful work I was lucky enough to receive from Autum, is the way she uses so many colours and matches them in a way that is not busy in any way.. I'm not good with colour but planned on trying so I decided to try a quilted purse of my own..

Here is one of my arrangements so far (and yes I know I need a rotarycutter)

zondag, mei 14, 2006

Mothers day

The kids made footprints in daycare. You know the kind the police does in children detectivebooks. Poor plaster in a print left in wet earth. They did it in sand so I've got a beachfeel bed now.. Husband bought me 'How to be a domestic goddes' and proved to be a domestic god by decideing to clean my kitchen drawers all by himself. They are clean and lovely and organised now..

Do I have the best man ever or what ?

(Flu is over! sewingmachine will be made tuesday, stay tuned!) Now I need to bake cookies with the boy who has been to school uesterday. To 'get used to it'. Only 4 weeks and he will be 4!

woensdag, mei 10, 2006

Went in to work

squeezed in a lunch all by myself in town with a stroll over the fabricmarket, went back to work , felt weird went home and found out I wasn't just tired but had stomachflu. Husband and boy had it this weekend but somehow I never thought of it..

Oh made an appointment with the sewingmachineshop guys and they do homevisits (this is fantastic as I don't drive!)

maandag, mei 08, 2006

My machine died on me..

So many plans but it doesn't seem my day today. I am truly on the edge of a breakdown. Actually;y I might be over but to stubborn too admit it..
Apparently if after say 4 years of broken nights one gets too sleep full nights there are almost as much hidden places filled with tiredness as there were sources of strengths during the young mum stage. Well It will settle but it has been a hell of a couple of months so I shouln't be surprised.
I've dealt with some business this morning and had a machine full of new fabric and planned on sewing my pif gift and make a t shirt dress inspires by Amy's mom. But well My machine seems as tired as me and maybe I'll take his lead and take a couple of days of. ...

vrijdag, mei 05, 2006

woensdag, mei 03, 2006

Can't blog

must be outside all day. It's 26 degrees celsius out there (monday it was 5C)! Girl didn't cry last night. Life is so good..

dinsdag, mei 02, 2006

there is an entry

below my last one. I made a draft last week not to forget blogging about the pif swap and now I published and it went on the original draft day.. Too lazy to do it over again. And commenters you rock ;-)