donderdag, april 20, 2006

things are not improving

at Mijk improves. I walked the kid round the house from 3 till 6 tonight. She fell a sleep in bed everytime I put her down only to scream this agonizing scream 10 minutes later. She is starting talking and we had the funniest conservation early in the morning ( 5.30) shall mom put you in bed dear do you want to sleep?
You want to sleep tomorrow?
Yes tomorrow.

Well she didn't win that one..

If you tired of my wining and would really like to see some Mijk crafting head over to Autum because she received my swap-parcel and styled it so beautiful that even I was surprised about al the goodies.!

3 opmerkingen:

autum zei

I am so sorry your little girl is feeling so bad. Thank you again for my goodies (or should I say dank u) Everyone here think it is so neat I got a gift from someone I've never met in the Netherlands. My sister was especially impressed and confused. I haven't told her about my blog so she can't understand how or why I am swapping goodies with someone I've never met. That will be my little secret!

poppit zei

hoi!! Sorry to hear your d'ter is feeling so ill..i hope she gets better soon.... as you have probably noticed my blog has been let down!! I got so busy i didnt make time to blog...
I have big news though....i am moving back to London!! I do hope that when i visit my family in holland this year, we could have a cup of tea together!!!

apprentice zei

Aw poor you, no sleep is no fun.
My boy is 17, now I lie awake listening for him coming home!