zaterdag, april 08, 2006

So I came up with this..

There were some other people commenting here who were in for a little lowprofile swap with normal opening hours..
So I have been thinking about it. Since I loved the idea of making a bag I thought out a little bag swap.. Not to complicated rules but I thought it would be fun to make your partner a a bag inspired by the look of their blog....

Just for the record I'm not doing this out of critiscm for back tack I think the people organising that are completely entitled to organise it anyway they want it and I know I'm gonna love checking all the softies that appear. It's just that I loved the idea of a bagswap and I hate waking in the middle of the night..

So mail me if your interest or have other idea's! Mijkimprovesadgmaildotcom. Or discuss in the comments again..

6 opmerkingen:

Amy zei

Yes - sounds like fun! Everyone has their own style of bags and it would be fun to see another person's style.

chest of drawers zei

That´s a great idea! Count me in!

Nancy zei

I'm in too! Ready for some bag making!

Judith zei

I would love to join, but am in serious doubt if I should. I'm hoping to travel to Bolivia soon (and stay there almost 2 months), but I don't know when we have to go. Could get the notice in fact any day; today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year (hope not!). So all in all not very compatible with a swap, I'm afraid. Maybe another time (if there will be one?)...


hannah zei

Hiya, please can I join your bag swap too? love your blog, I just followed a series of links to get here!! I also didnt get to the backtack signup, which started at midnight for me, I was going to but forgot until I went to bed then couldnt get back up!!

Erin zei

Hello! I would love to join as well, if it isn't too late.