dinsdag, april 18, 2006

Just saying hi

we did have a bit of a quiet easter though I had to work again yesterday (we normally have 2 days of easter) . We've seen friends and family. We've actually seen a little bit too much of our sweet little daughter. I love her but well I do not need to see her 3 times a night.. I prefer to see her happy and healthy during the day.

However she got sick again and vomitted all over the place on friday.(That is 4 weeks of vomiting with intervalls! She lost 400 grammes!) So I took her to the doctor and finally my suspicion was confirmed. The poor thing indeed has an earinfection. I talked the gp into antibiotics ( wich is hard because she didn't have a fever to speak of!) so now I have to manage 5 exploded diapers a day. But it is worth it she eats and she plays and sowmewhere in the next 2 years she might actually start to sleep ( a mom can dream even if she doesn't sleep..)

So I hope you can bide with me just a little bit longer ( I feel so guilty I kind of have the feeling my sewingmachine is cross with me (he still doesn't have annew needle.) do you do this give all sorts of feelings to the objects in your life?

The swapmails will be out there when the magazine is to the printers..

3 opmerkingen:

Mirre zei

Ah poor girl! I hope she'll get better now!

jojo* zei

Wow, that's a long time to have to deal with being sick. Hope the antibiotics work for her--poor thing.

You know, my son chooses hotwheels cars based on the ones that look the saddest, so he can bring them home and cheer them up. Ha ha. Sort of like you ascribing feelings to your sewing machine. :)

Amy zei

I would probably have to be institutionalized if my daughter was sick for so long. Of course, you shouldn't be worrying about blogging or swaps when you all just need rest and to get your health back. Take care!