woensdag, april 12, 2006

I'm still alive

but if you work in a churchorganisation this is not the calmest part of the year! And we have sun and I have a vegetable patch so I've been sowing and digging and some sewing too ( just to have something to blog about ;-) until I broke my needle which isn't a terrible thing but the broken part is in the underside of my machine where my thread is (oh the words you don't learn having English lessons 12 long years, I really don't know what to call a spoelhuis).

I'm working on an apron from some of Autums fabrics, a doll which I have big plans with (she is going backpacking) and a lovely shopping bag.

However I am now in the middle of writing an interview which is allowed to be 100 word and I'm on a third of my notes and I already have 700. (I shouldn't be interviewing people that are this interesting.) However I'm head editor of this thing so I think I can talk myself into allowing a bit more room

The blogbagswap is on! I will e-mail you all on friday ok?

Isn't it interesting that the blogger spell check doesn' t know the word blog?

4 opmerkingen:

autum zei

Sounds like you've been a busy dutch girl! I've missed you :)

chest of drawers zei

So busy! I hope you can relax over the weekend, HAPPY EASTER!!!

apprentice zei

I thinks it's called the bobbin. Mine did that once, then then the foot pedal went, and was like a run-away-train.

BTW if you ever want one of my pix for a project I'd be happy to e-mail it. I'm into sharing and good karma these days, lol.

I've got tomatoes ready to go out into the greenhouse, and peppers too, but it's so cold here they'll have to wait another week. My grape vine in the greenhouse is starting to break leaves, sign that things are warming up a little.

I sowed Shirley poppies and night scented stock in the garden, and planted peonies that someone gave me for my birthday, although I have dozens of them already.

Amy zei

bobbin case!