woensdag, april 05, 2006

I guess the americans win...

I don't see myself going to the computer in the middle of the night in the busiest day of the week (magzinedeadline time) to aplie for swapping a stuffie.

Oh and I so looked forward to this..


6 opmerkingen:

chest of drawers zei

I know what you mean! Why don´t we save ourselves the trouble and just swap with each other??? An Austrian softie for a dutch one!

Amy zei

Oh yes, I think I am a fan of the simple, impromtu swaps. I was greatly anticipating backtack III from the photos I had seen of other rounds. I was disappointed too... oh I could write more but... you don't need so long a a comment...

Jennifer zei

I had seriously thought about doing Backtack III, but for some reason the directions turned me off...maybe because it came off as really bossy?

Nancy zei

I'm with you all! I don't know what time I'm supposed to apply based on my time-zone, just too lazy to figure it out, seems too complicated. Also, I don't like the "rules" or paramiters (sp?) either. I was looking forward to making bags! Anyone want to swap?

rungirlrun zei

I was looking forward to doing a bag or themed items together to make one gift not just one stuffie. I'm in with you guys if you're interested.

beki zei

Personally, I have enjoyed my impromptu swaps much better than organized ones, but then I think I'm cursed with the worst swap luck ever. I'm definitely not participating in BT3.