vrijdag, april 21, 2006

Here we live (corner of my home)

Megan of beetlegrass posted pictures of her home again and besides oh and ah and wow I realized how European whatever that is, maybe just how Dutch) the space is where I live. No frills no fabrics no carpets..I thought I'd share some corners of my living room with you.

Keep in mind when seeing it that this is all our livingspace. No diningroom no playrooms no separate kitchens..
We live in the tiniest country remember ;-)

The pictures are aa couple of months old since bacteria invaded our house I'm a little of track with housekeepingh.

P/.S. I won't talk about our night of SLEEP in fear of jinxing it.. and the cupbaord is cleared since making the picture!

5 opmerkingen:

autum zei

Nice pictures. I like the orange pillows on your sofa and the long shelf with pictures.

jojo* zei

Thanks for sharing you pictures. I like your kitchen a lot...drooling over that exhaust fan.

apprentice zei

I like the modern style and lines.
I think the Dutch have a great sense of style.

My house is old and full of junk, but it has lots of character.

Amy zei

I like your European, multi-purpose style, no apologies needed.

weirdbunny zei

Bunting in the lounge is definately the way to go. Thanks for showing your home.