zaterdag, april 01, 2006

Corners of my home: Sons room

I love this room. It's got this wonderful Christopher Robin feel to it. He really has gathered treasured belongings in this room.. So yesterday when it was raining and I wanted to lure him away from the computer, I promised to craft something for his room. We had an old Ikea shadowbox lying around and a box full of shells so we made this. I did the gluing with the gluegun but he positioned all the shells. I'm well impressed because the colours and sizes go together so well.. My first use what you have project!

5 opmerkingen:

apprentice zei

It's lovely. Nice thing to do together. Roll on some warmer weather to collect shells on the beach!.

Anoniem zei

If my dogs could only clean, paint, repair, cook and well, you know, I'd be in heaven.

Good ideas here that will help me.


chest of drawers zei

That´s a great idea! Now, where did I put those shadow baxes.....???

colorfool zei

What a nice activit to do together! And his room is really sweet.

jojo* zei

I love his room! What a happy place. Is that wallpaper or paint? I like the way the shadowbox turned out.