donderdag, april 27, 2006

Corner of my home:Ready for the big day

Only two nights to sleep and then it is Koninginnedag !
And this is the corner in my home showing we're ready. Boy has crafted a partyhat at daycare. The flag has been standing there actually since the 5th of may (liberationday) well it isn't in the way. This is the first corner you see when entering our house we look quite happy people don't we?

The mirror was a thriftfind bought in a bootsale in a small village in England somewhere in the early 9o's ( I already had it before I moved out of my parents house. It costed 5 pounds and I still love it! The little coatrack was bought to house the dogs leash and now it houses kidscoats too. Shows how life evolves!)

Saturday we will be having oranje tompoucen, go, to our neighbourhood party where we will be buying cheap toys, dance on childrens music, lay on the grass and release balloons all dressed in orange. Of course in the morning I will sneak out of the house on my own to check out the freemarket. Just like she does..

Oh sorry about showing the wreath again but our hallway doesn't have natural light so had to open the frontdoor ;-)

2 opmerkingen:

weirdbunny zei

I love seeing inside peoples houses, thanks for showing us. Wow you'll be having loads of fun this weekend, enjoy yourselves!

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