zondag, april 30, 2006

Some thoughts on blogging and crafting and life..

Not pictures, no pretty things just some thoughts flying around here today. I was browsing through my bloglist today and then I found that Amy at happythings gave me a hell of a compliment.. She decided to make a list of beautiful pictures to illustrate her simple pleasurememe because she thought she wouldn't be able to match my words....

I needed to hear that, I felt quite inadequate in crafting lately as always my ideas far outrun my skill and I didn't do much either in fact I might be just a tad bit depressed lately. Not without reason but still..

I kept feeling I didn't understand people reading this, returning here when there are blogs everywhere htat are so beautiful. On the other hand I recognize the need to identify and there are probably a lot of people out there looking to improve.. So I told my self

What makes this blogging hard for me sometimes is that I miss the single most important tool in my life. My own language. I admire people who can write bilingual posts. I get all confused. I need to think in English to write something worth reading but sometimes its'hard and I'm not sure if I say what I think say and want to say and I 'm afraid of using the wrong words..

I so remember a Latin American a girl I studied creative writing with that had to write about things she disliked. We came with things like cold coffee and waking to early she talked about death disease. Her Dutch was quite good but she couldn't measure the language.. It made her look weird and she wasn't and I sometimes am so afraid to make the same impression.

But now Amy made me feel like maybe I have found my voice in English so I'll continue to chase my crafting dreams and share the stories her..

On other news we went to see the 'consultatiebureau" nurse. This is the practice that does all normal healthchecks on Dutch children until the age of 4. I love our doctor and nurse and we needed to hear them say that we had to let the girl cry to break the pattern of lousy nights. Of course she did tell us so now we have difficult nights and the promise of sleep for the future.

Now I realised this made me uneasy. For the last 4 years I've been woken at night. I still function and did a whole lot of growing and learning. I also started to dream a few little dreams for myself and a lot of them got tagged with the tag. If I sleep again then..

So Now my performing-anxiety gets the better of me.. If I sleep there is no excuse to not catch my dreams and live them.. No excuse other then I couldn't.....

So tell me? How screwed up do you think I am?

vrijdag, april 28, 2006

The evil PIF swap

You may ask yourself how can this be evil. 3 pieces of beautiful fabric that I couldn't buy here.. ? Well this is the evilpart. this is part of Autums 'Pay it forward swap' So I have to make something and then give it away.. Ain't that terrible? I'm plannning a shopping bag in a smal pouch so you can put it in purse and use it when impulse buying..

I've packed my parcel to send to Erica at pumkinlittle .

I am late but the goosd partt is it is may so I could buy her stuff!

COme on admitt it you've been to the crafshops too yesterday ;-)

donderdag, april 27, 2006

Corner of my home:Ready for the big day

Only two nights to sleep and then it is Koninginnedag !
And this is the corner in my home showing we're ready. Boy has crafted a partyhat at daycare. The flag has been standing there actually since the 5th of may (liberationday) well it isn't in the way. This is the first corner you see when entering our house we look quite happy people don't we?

The mirror was a thriftfind bought in a bootsale in a small village in England somewhere in the early 9o's ( I already had it before I moved out of my parents house. It costed 5 pounds and I still love it! The little coatrack was bought to house the dogs leash and now it houses kidscoats too. Shows how life evolves!)

Saturday we will be having oranje tompoucen, go, to our neighbourhood party where we will be buying cheap toys, dance on childrens music, lay on the grass and release balloons all dressed in orange. Of course in the morning I will sneak out of the house on my own to check out the freemarket. Just like she does..

Oh sorry about showing the wreath again but our hallway doesn't have natural light so had to open the frontdoor ;-)

zaterdag, april 22, 2006

Now that was a lovely thing to do!

Autum tagged me for a meme and this actually one I really enjoyed thinking about it.. It made me happy just remembering all the free pleasures that are out there when you take the time to appreciate them.

I needed to list 10 simple pleasures and it is great fun making lists of those. To just think about the litlle simple things that can make you really happy They are randomly numbered I don't think I can pick a favourite although my number one is number one for a reason!

1 Sleep uninterupted and awake rested. tThat is a simple pleasure that I took for granted for so long and I know I will take for granted in the future. But I will try to remember that it is a pleasure that makes everything better

2 Walk barefoot. It's a wonderfull thing to feel the texture of the earth beneath your feet.
It makes me feel connected

3 Bike with the wind in my back on my own . Sometimes you find a flow biking and that is such a great feeling.

4 Making something Adding something to the world that was't there before.

5 Have clean windows and an uncluttered house

5 Espresso

6 Driving a long distance with my husband. We have our best talks then..

7 an hour on the sofa with coffee a book and jazzmusic best when the rain hits the window

8 watching my children when they don''t notice me.. (or my husband. Just looking at them and wonder..

9 the smell of fresh cut grass

10walking the dog early in the morning on a fresh spring day. Just me the dog and the birds are awake and the whole world seems mine!

So Now I need to tag 10 people ( ten that is the part where I started to panick )..

So I'm curious hearing from Jojo, Claudia, Erin, Apprentice, Amy, Susan, judith and well I can't think of anymore. so ifg yopur completely inspired to do this considere yourself tagged.. I allready doubletagged someone I see ;-)

vrijdag, april 21, 2006

Here we live (corner of my home)

Megan of beetlegrass posted pictures of her home again and besides oh and ah and wow I realized how European whatever that is, maybe just how Dutch) the space is where I live. No frills no fabrics no carpets..I thought I'd share some corners of my living room with you.

Keep in mind when seeing it that this is all our livingspace. No diningroom no playrooms no separate kitchens..
We live in the tiniest country remember ;-)

The pictures are aa couple of months old since bacteria invaded our house I'm a little of track with housekeepingh.

P/.S. I won't talk about our night of SLEEP in fear of jinxing it.. and the cupbaord is cleared since making the picture!

donderdag, april 20, 2006

things are not improving

at Mijk improves. I walked the kid round the house from 3 till 6 tonight. She fell a sleep in bed everytime I put her down only to scream this agonizing scream 10 minutes later. She is starting talking and we had the funniest conservation early in the morning ( 5.30) shall mom put you in bed dear do you want to sleep?
You want to sleep tomorrow?
Yes tomorrow.

Well she didn't win that one..

If you tired of my wining and would really like to see some Mijk crafting head over to Autum because she received my swap-parcel and styled it so beautiful that even I was surprised about al the goodies.!

dinsdag, april 18, 2006

Just saying hi

we did have a bit of a quiet easter though I had to work again yesterday (we normally have 2 days of easter) . We've seen friends and family. We've actually seen a little bit too much of our sweet little daughter. I love her but well I do not need to see her 3 times a night.. I prefer to see her happy and healthy during the day.

However she got sick again and vomitted all over the place on friday.(That is 4 weeks of vomiting with intervalls! She lost 400 grammes!) So I took her to the doctor and finally my suspicion was confirmed. The poor thing indeed has an earinfection. I talked the gp into antibiotics ( wich is hard because she didn't have a fever to speak of!) so now I have to manage 5 exploded diapers a day. But it is worth it she eats and she plays and sowmewhere in the next 2 years she might actually start to sleep ( a mom can dream even if she doesn't sleep..)

So I hope you can bide with me just a little bit longer ( I feel so guilty I kind of have the feeling my sewingmachine is cross with me (he still doesn't have annew needle.) do you do this give all sorts of feelings to the objects in your life?

The swapmails will be out there when the magazine is to the printers..

vrijdag, april 14, 2006

Oh en Judith

zullen we een ruiltje opzetten als je weer terug bent..?

Ok because I'm lazy

a list of people who are up for the blogbagswap and then please could you e-mail me at Mijkimproves(at)gmail(dot)com.

I of course completely forgot about blogger not giving e-mail with comments when I promised to e-mail today I heard from:
Amy http://happythings.typepad.com/
Claudia of http://chestofdrawers.blogspot.com/

of http://emeraldlane.blogspot.com/
Hannah for whom I have no e-mail or blog so please mail ;-)

Erin of http://winkingbeagle.typepad.com/
and me of course ;-)

I thought too just partner people to do a vice versa swap so you can bend the rules together if you feel like it..

But first let me hear if you're still up for it

and then because we've been without beautiful things here for to long. This was in my mailbox this week.. I already purchased the pink one from Claire at needlebook when the blue one appeared in her etsy shop. So two envelopes arrived in the mail this week.. They are both as pretty as they look!

I do promise to catch up on crafting because well basically I miss it a lot ;-) will do a wreath tomorrow. We're eating with friends and I think it's just the right thing to bring along..

woensdag, april 12, 2006

I'm still alive

but if you work in a churchorganisation this is not the calmest part of the year! And we have sun and I have a vegetable patch so I've been sowing and digging and some sewing too ( just to have something to blog about ;-) until I broke my needle which isn't a terrible thing but the broken part is in the underside of my machine where my thread is (oh the words you don't learn having English lessons 12 long years, I really don't know what to call a spoelhuis).

I'm working on an apron from some of Autums fabrics, a doll which I have big plans with (she is going backpacking) and a lovely shopping bag.

However I am now in the middle of writing an interview which is allowed to be 100 word and I'm on a third of my notes and I already have 700. (I shouldn't be interviewing people that are this interesting.) However I'm head editor of this thing so I think I can talk myself into allowing a bit more room

The blogbagswap is on! I will e-mail you all on friday ok?

Isn't it interesting that the blogger spell check doesn' t know the word blog?

zaterdag, april 08, 2006

So I came up with this..

There were some other people commenting here who were in for a little lowprofile swap with normal opening hours..
So I have been thinking about it. Since I loved the idea of making a bag I thought out a little bag swap.. Not to complicated rules but I thought it would be fun to make your partner a a bag inspired by the look of their blog....

Just for the record I'm not doing this out of critiscm for back tack I think the people organising that are completely entitled to organise it anyway they want it and I know I'm gonna love checking all the softies that appear. It's just that I loved the idea of a bagswap and I hate waking in the middle of the night..

So mail me if your interest or have other idea's! Mijkimprovesadgmaildotcom. Or discuss in the comments again..

donderdag, april 06, 2006

Quick shadowbox and wreath revisited

I had planned on sewing but the girl decided to nap for just under an hour and this shadowbox I could do with her drawing next to me. It will be for her room..

I love shadowboxes and have hundreds of ideas. The picture isn't well but the light is so crap again and I used the minicamera just for quickness,. Oh and the fingerprints. The girls she loved it so much she immediately stole it..

I'm thinking about all your back tack responses. Will come back to it!

It flowers and I love it so much it has changed since the last picture because just after snapping that I dropped it. This version is even better in my mind!

woensdag, april 05, 2006

I guess the americans win...

I don't see myself going to the computer in the middle of the night in the busiest day of the week (magzinedeadline time) to aplie for swapping a stuffie.

Oh and I so looked forward to this..


So much for bagsewingpractice

Backtack willl be softies. Black and white softies. I'm not quite sure wether I think the restrictions are good or not. And then there is the time zone thing wich I have to check into..But more exited than disappointed!


dinsdag, april 04, 2006

Look look

what I got.. I am completely blown away. I received the most gorgeous bag, a lovely pillowcover ànd fabric and ribbon and a pincushion.. We swapped fabric and a little handmade present I recall and I get this.. The only negative thing I can imagine is that I haven't sent as good a masterpiece. OH I'm really bubbley. See how the pillowcover matches my couch.. OH JOY. I love the coulours all of them. And see the bike in the pillow so dutch and so me I don't have a drivers lisence and do everything by bike....
And You so eased the use what you have challenge..

Autum I'm so happy to be your friend (and not just for the presents , but because you are such a wonderful person!)


zaterdag, april 01, 2006

Corners of my home: Sons room

I love this room. It's got this wonderful Christopher Robin feel to it. He really has gathered treasured belongings in this room.. So yesterday when it was raining and I wanted to lure him away from the computer, I promised to craft something for his room. We had an old Ikea shadowbox lying around and a box full of shells so we made this. I did the gluing with the gluegun but he positioned all the shells. I'm well impressed because the colours and sizes go together so well.. My first use what you have project!