maandag, maart 13, 2006

Why pretty is better

I never was a girl for pretty. I loved skirts but used to climb trees in them as a kid and wore my doctor Martens under them always untill far in my twenties. I wore mostly black anyway.. I've always had short hair, no make up .. It wasn't for me. I actually laughed a bit about all the girls needing that..

My therapist loves her fairytale-analyses and every now and then she calls me Cinderella. She was the one who showed me how I dressed prettier when I felt good.. So now I make more of an effort and after years of silence I dare to say I love oilily, I even love pink, I like pretty, I love flowers.

But still a part of me felt that pretty was a luxury. That it shouldn't be necessary. Oh a Calvinist upbringing as ever there was one.. And then to day biking to work it clicked: pretty is better.

I've always known this to be true for certain things like this.
Yes, I've been a scout for 20 years and I can build all that and one thing that is so important is that it's neat. Neat, tidy and pretty. If you're pioneering you have to be neat. An knot that's not neat will slip and you don't want that when you made it in a bridge or a toilet.

Sewing is the same of course. Tiny stitches are more secure but how often do you refer to them as pretty? I know I do. Tiny and even is pretty, it is better aswell.

So I think that it is often the same thing. Things that are pretty are generally thought out things. Made with care things. Made with attention for detail by someone who knows what she is doing. Making myself pretty is not vain, it is caring for myself. Taking the effort and time to do something for myself.

Making my house pretty is about making our lives better because we live in an environment that we thought about..

So pretty is the new black around here....

P.S. I loved to see all those knots again I suddenly think about all kinds of uses in crafting

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Amy zei

I like that -- Pretty is the new black. We are all working on improving around here too so I shall keep that motto in mind.

autum zei

I love this post! So very true.

apprentice zei

I'm with you on the Calvanist thing. It is hard to do things for yourself or just for the fun of it when you come from a very no nonsense type background.

Love your shadow photo BTW

Mirre zei

Yes, I agree it's important to have a pretty house & self. I'm working on mine :)