maandag, maart 13, 2006

What does this blog do for me?

When I started blogging I thought it would be a good way of self motivation. I would want to post crafty things and therefore had to craft.
It wasn't as simple as that. It provides me with so much more.
It provided room for my creativity, a place to do certain things. It is just like an actual place. Like my study (though neater oh the joy's of virtual housekeeping).

I struggle wording this so bear with me but the thing is I think I'm the kind of person who needs to make things visual.I'm a very disorganized person with a short attentionspan and there are a thousand thoughts in my head at any given moment (There like about 33 anecdotes popping up right know that I won't go into....)
And like in a house I need somewhere to put them and the thoughts and feelings that have no place somewhere in my life don't get the concentration they deserve. They're junkthoughts.

I've tried to keep diaries all my life but it just is useless talking to myself. Setting up therapy a while back was an excellent way of making space for some thoughts about myself and it worked wonders.
Since then I've tried to make space for certain important stuff a lot more by giving it it's own time or space..
This blog works perfectly for that.... It's a place to put my thoughts about creativity and life-improvement. I have to think them through a bit better and I can reread and as a complete bonus sometimes someone agrees with me!

It means that the things you read here are theory sometimes. My house unfortunately is neither neat or pretty at the moment. But working on why that is so important for me and acknowledging why it is not just vanity is an important step I think to actually get it neat and pretty most of the time.

As often I think all these pretty thoughts were inspired by Alicia, I think she must have the prettiest house I've ever seen. Sometimes while reading blogs I start to believe that there is no ordinary dust in Portland just fairydust..

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shashi zei

Mijk, I am not a very orderly person either. I think a lot of us are not. Today in one of my groups we were having a light hearted comparision with each other of how good or bad we were with organising ourselves. In the end we all agreed that we had CDD ( a new word given by one of our members) Which stands for creative disorder distration ha ha.
So if you are creative that is what you have. We all suffer from it so don't feel bad.