woensdag, maart 29, 2006

What a difference a day makes

well a day and a seamipper actually. I rippes parts of this bag apart yesterday and tried again and this time it looks quite ok.

Considering I have been back to sewing and machinesewing in particalurly just very very recently. I booked a course in september so stay tuned. Improving my bagmakingqualities must be done before that because I'd heard that backtack 3 is coming around and indeedtheir blog has a date on it!

Swap is compeltely ready to mail tomorrow aswell so I'm a happy crafter again..

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jojo* zei

I wish I could take a sewing class. I'm such an amateur. Good for you for joining backtack! I love looking through all those pictures and admiring the creativity. I have yet to get up my courage to join. Maybe someday...