zaterdag, maart 18, 2006

Well I cheated

Twice.. Once because of work and that was so nasty that I decided I might have some fun as well. So late last night I found out that while I was the first to comment about the use what you have mont thing it now has grown to a flickrgroup and a logo and all! Cool.. So here is for being better at it then computerfreefriday's.. It might go a little quiet here for a while. Our little girl managed to get chickenpox and stomachflue at the same time. I'm not looking forward to the coming days. I so dislike diseases that get my children to look like aliens..

Completely unrelated: Do you know that feeling that you see something pretty and than moments later you realize you've made that. I have that with my columns or articles sometime but felt it again when I watched at the poppies framed:

2 opmerkingen:

Mirre zei

Mijn dochter heeft ook net waterpokken gehad. M'n zoontje heeft het op het moment ook, hoewel ik dat nog niet met eigen ogen heb kunnen aanschouwen aangezien ik nu in Engeland zit.
Vreselijk vind ik het als de kinderen zich zo rot voelen :(

Je klaprozen zien er nog mooier uit in een lijst!

Amy zei

Sorry that you have sick children as well. Your poppies look beautiful framed!