donderdag, maart 30, 2006

Use what you have preparations and thrifting deja vu's

My preparation for april so far consisted of going to one of the largest thriftshops only for fabrics and clothes. I was really ready to spend money but it didn't work you know what I found in the first pile I entered?

MY own stuff.. Yes 4 duvet covers I had thrown out like 6 weeks ago. Oh I hate to let go of stuff but this wasn't doing us any good I didn't like the pattern for crafting and so it went. In our city you put it outside on certain days like the garbage and it gets picked up cleaned and then sold in the shops or used in rag industry or things like that. All this is done by un employed people looking for work experience or a way to spend the day.. So it isn''t that weird that my perfectly good stuff was sold in their shop but it was just so weird. Everything changed from potential treasure to someone's junk again.. So I'll have to go with what I have.

and I know I can do this because I have done this before: The only thing bought for this dolls was the yarn for the hair..

Further preparations planned.
Collecting tutorials.
find out how to make logcabin pillow (seems ideal for this month)
Checking old clothes for usable stuff.. (I already harvested some beautiful spare buttons this way).

Make projectlist ( I love making lists ;-)

4 opmerkingen:

autum zei

I can't wait to see your creations! That's funny about seeing your things at the thrift store.

jojo* zei

That must have been a strange feeling seeing your own stuff at the store. Wow...It'll become someone else's treasure. Thanks for the tutorial suggestion. I've bought a couple of bag patterns and will try those. I agree. Straight lines are goooooood ;)

I'd love to make a logcabin pillow too!

Susan zei

That's happened to me a couple of times, coming across stuff that I had donated to the thrift shops. (I don't set it out on the street, I just bring it straight to the shop so it's not so unusual to see it hanging on the racks.) But it remains a funny feeling.

One time I actually bought something back :-) It was a sweater my daughter had on a lot her first year and when I was getting ready for the second baby, I donated a bunch of stuff that I didn't think I'd want to use again. After Anna was born and I happened to see that sweater there for sale, I got all tearyeyed and hormonal and bought it back as quick as I could. And so Anna wore it a lot her first year, after all :-)

Anoniem zei

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