dinsdag, maart 21, 2006

Spt: When Mum has a little bit of time

she tries to make something. But well if she had a bit more time she might be able to pull out a decent stuffy in one go and have this pictures appear in a less random way. Blogger refused to put any pictures in for more than a day so I'm not gonna risk anything by doing it again!

The bunny of course is a wee bunny! I had so many ideas for spt. After surviving this, I can do anything I figured. I started taking daily pictures accompanied by the amount of sleep I had since we started weaning the girl. But well she slept through for 3 days last week so I couldn't do that in fear of jinxing it. (Only thinking about blogging it made her have chickenpox I'm sure..).

My daughter is still not well and has trouble drinking so we are balancing on the edge of dehydration here (Yeah I quit the weaning plan for a while). So I might not be around very often. And won't be in the postoffice this week sorry Autum!)

4 opmerkingen:

autum zei

Your wee bunny is a cutie! I hope your little girl feels better soon! Don't worry about getting to the post office! Take care of your little one and take care of yourself.

jojo* zei

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes, blogger has been giving me trouble too. AARGH! Your little bunny is cute. Sorry to hear your daughter has the poxies. My son had them a couple years ago,and it's so hard feeling like you have to stay cooped up inside. I hope she feels better soon!

Amy zei

Your bunny looks very cute. Haven't tackled one myself. Can't believe you've had time -- you've definitely had your hands full. Get well soon wishes from our house to yours!

Gina zei

I hope she's feeling better. Your bunny is sweet.