woensdag, maart 01, 2006


I can't believe the word I was looking for for this pre-easterperiod is Lent In Dutch lente is the word used for spring and in my protestant tradition we named lent de 40 dayperiod As in 40 days to Easter. Here the fasting has been changed into a period in which you try to be aware of the difference you can make. The theme chosen by my church this year is 'kies bewust voor je naaste' and that loosely translates to 'Make conscious choices concerning your fellow men'. As in Matthew 25.

I've been thinking about how I could incorporate this in my life the coming period and beyond. And inspired by this article on posie gets cozy I decided to be more aware of how I shop. Do I support the companies that I admire or do I admire them and shop elsewhere. It happens not on purpose but still..

I'm trying to find a decent butcher but they all disappeared in this town and still I buy fruit and veg in the supermarket to often trusting that my independant vegetableshop owner can live on eating not sold fruit..

I've started by subscribing to this wonderful just started local lifestylemagazine that I would hate to miss. As a paper editor I hear the 'I love your magazine so much I always read it at the neighbor's, library, my parents' -comment so often and it makes me cringe because we are actually losing money and battling to stay afloat..

I'm out to buy my groceries and I will try to act upon my lentresolutions!

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