woensdag, maart 01, 2006

Intimidated me? Yeah...

Autum was talking about how intimidated she can feel in this blogging world of domestic goddesses. I so get what she says in fact I posted about it before.
As a matter of fact at this point in time I'm seriously intimidated by her. I've asked her to swap with the idea of swapping fabrics and a little handmade gift. I'm very charmed with the idea of buying fabric and seeing what some else does with it. I usually see a fabric and the ideas start to come. But it seems great fun to watch how someone else uses what you bought eventually..
Then the handmade gift.. I had an idea in mind but the supplies didn't arrive it seems that for the first time an online purchase has gone wrong. And I'm of for a holiday in 2 days time and it was my project to take with me.. I will find other projects and will restart thinking about what to make Autum but then I read this at Toni's simple sparrow (who I read everyday and forgot to link, typical)..

Can you believe it I'm gonna make a swap with someone who is able to sew a pocket in a bag in a way that you don't see stitches..

I'm nuts.. My sewing had got naive charm ..Which is a kind way of telling I'm not a natural in machinesewing. .

I know I'm whining. I'm beyond tired, have a to do list as long as the rol off toiletpaper my daughter unrolled in the bathroom and it is not the happiest time of the month for me anyway and I'm going on a springholyday and it has started snowing today. Look here Mirre made pictures (check out her stuff to she makes beautiful things).

So Autum it might be a little late and it might be unperfect (it will be..) but I'm gonna make you something as good as I can at this point in life!

My holidayretreat is internetfree so I'll be away for a while. I'll promise to do lots of crafting to tell about and there might be some corners of my second home too. (It is my parents summer house so we can actually do stuff there and some how that is loads more fun than doing things here!)

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autum zei

Enjoy your holiday! Please don't be stressed about our swap. That takes the fun out of it and the whole point is to have fun with it! And about the pocket, I used the back pockets from a pair of jeans. When I sewed them onto the lining I used thread the same color as the existing stitching and sewed over those stitches. (does that make sense?) I enjoyed your post on Lent.

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