donderdag, maart 16, 2006

I'm going to do the computerfree

friday thing.. We are at the moment post holiday structureless in and my kids don't benefit. So I'm going to reïmplement some method in our madness today and I think mom not sneaking off to the poeter (as my son called it when he was a baby) will help dramatically..

I've also told toni I would join in the craft with what you got april challenge so I might need to go to the store for as long as it is march ;-)

Autum asked how to pronounce mijk. Any dutch men who knows an audiolink or has a better way to describe this beautifiul and unique sound is welcome. It is my nich but one I'm very very fond of since it was my petname in childhood. It is a name as welll usually spelled Meike..

Anyway I found this explanation I'm not overly pleased with it I would say the ou sound just like the ou in ouch way simpler !

I'll be her saturday (craving)

Li I'll e-mail then! Promise!

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apprentice zei

It suggest the sound


to me. I love the sound of Dutch, we share a few words in Scots English, kirk for church for instance.

Glad you had some time to rel;ax. The bird house looks sweet. Bet the kids love it.