zondag, maart 19, 2006

Didn't I promise links ( now with picture)

a while back.? Dutch links? Inspirational things? Well guess what I found.......Princesses beautifully collaged princesses in nice not to expensive books. Edit: Yes picture! this is the flowerprincess

In Holland it's old news but I didn't look in to it because frankly princesses are not my thing. .. I'm not into glitter and well I just don't like them usually. My son loves them but he dresses up at daycare so I wasn't bothered. But well I was so wrong, these princesses are something completely different. They're the most wonderful collaged books and I just love them. Sorry no English info but check her site out for more princesses and look in to the book here.

If you click the 3 princess on the left (the wolken prinses , cloud princess) sheep are counting the sheep left under says vijf and that well is the ij in my name ;-) vijf off course means 5

And our own princess? Vomits all over the place is covered in chickenpox and has that 'Mom, do something about this' look...

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