zaterdag, maart 25, 2006

Back and guess what ? Spring came!

Girl is officially better.. Eating like a horse and doing high fives every other minute.. .. She had little pox (well in comparison to her brother and this poor boy) but she was so ill. She hasn't eaten and drank minimum amounts for 5 full days...

But it were wonderful days anyway. You know how you can have a bad day for just no reason at all? I had the opposite: sick girl, completely not nice chaos at work, had my period completely by surprise and still the days were so good. The sun came out Wednesday and the cold went and my boy and I officially started the vegetable patch and I had rhythm and structure in our day suddenly. I think I was more winterdepressed than I realized!!!
Of course it rains now but the temperature is in the double digits now and the rains smells of spring.. So today my men are away the girl is asleep and instead of catching up on my crafting I did this:

6 opmerkingen:

Strikkelise zei

Oh I love your wreath. It's so rustic and fresh with the moss and the bare bulbs!

Mirre zei

What a lovely post... yes, it's spring!!

I'm glad your girl is feeling better, my poor little boy is definitely on the mend too!

li li zei

Hope the kids will recover soon. Virus, virus go away!!! :D

jojo* zei

What a cool wreath! Very creative. Yay for spring and yay that your little one is feeling better too!

Alicia zei

I'm so sorry to hear that the kiddos are ill, but . . . that wreath STUNNING!!!

Anoniem zei

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