donderdag, maart 30, 2006

Use what you have preparations and thrifting deja vu's

My preparation for april so far consisted of going to one of the largest thriftshops only for fabrics and clothes. I was really ready to spend money but it didn't work you know what I found in the first pile I entered?

MY own stuff.. Yes 4 duvet covers I had thrown out like 6 weeks ago. Oh I hate to let go of stuff but this wasn't doing us any good I didn't like the pattern for crafting and so it went. In our city you put it outside on certain days like the garbage and it gets picked up cleaned and then sold in the shops or used in rag industry or things like that. All this is done by un employed people looking for work experience or a way to spend the day.. So it isn''t that weird that my perfectly good stuff was sold in their shop but it was just so weird. Everything changed from potential treasure to someone's junk again.. So I'll have to go with what I have.

and I know I can do this because I have done this before: The only thing bought for this dolls was the yarn for the hair..

Further preparations planned.
Collecting tutorials.
find out how to make logcabin pillow (seems ideal for this month)
Checking old clothes for usable stuff.. (I already harvested some beautiful spare buttons this way).

Make projectlist ( I love making lists ;-)

woensdag, maart 29, 2006

What a difference a day makes

well a day and a seamipper actually. I rippes parts of this bag apart yesterday and tried again and this time it looks quite ok.

Considering I have been back to sewing and machinesewing in particalurly just very very recently. I booked a course in september so stay tuned. Improving my bagmakingqualities must be done before that because I'd heard that backtack 3 is coming around and indeedtheir blog has a date on it!

Swap is compeltely ready to mail tomorrow aswell so I'm a happy crafter again..

maandag, maart 27, 2006

A mad day of crafting and nothing to show for it..

So just a picture of a little bit of collage I tried last week...while I sigh at the mess I made with so disaponting results.. I'm a sad girl...

zaterdag, maart 25, 2006

Back and guess what ? Spring came!

Girl is officially better.. Eating like a horse and doing high fives every other minute.. .. She had little pox (well in comparison to her brother and this poor boy) but she was so ill. She hasn't eaten and drank minimum amounts for 5 full days...

But it were wonderful days anyway. You know how you can have a bad day for just no reason at all? I had the opposite: sick girl, completely not nice chaos at work, had my period completely by surprise and still the days were so good. The sun came out Wednesday and the cold went and my boy and I officially started the vegetable patch and I had rhythm and structure in our day suddenly. I think I was more winterdepressed than I realized!!!
Of course it rains now but the temperature is in the double digits now and the rains smells of spring.. So today my men are away the girl is asleep and instead of catching up on my crafting I did this:

dinsdag, maart 21, 2006

Spt: When Mum has a little bit of time

she tries to make something. But well if she had a bit more time she might be able to pull out a decent stuffy in one go and have this pictures appear in a less random way. Blogger refused to put any pictures in for more than a day so I'm not gonna risk anything by doing it again!

The bunny of course is a wee bunny! I had so many ideas for spt. After surviving this, I can do anything I figured. I started taking daily pictures accompanied by the amount of sleep I had since we started weaning the girl. But well she slept through for 3 days last week so I couldn't do that in fear of jinxing it. (Only thinking about blogging it made her have chickenpox I'm sure..).

My daughter is still not well and has trouble drinking so we are balancing on the edge of dehydration here (Yeah I quit the weaning plan for a while). So I might not be around very often. And won't be in the postoffice this week sorry Autum!)

zondag, maart 19, 2006

Didn't I promise links ( now with picture)

a while back.? Dutch links? Inspirational things? Well guess what I found.......Princesses beautifully collaged princesses in nice not to expensive books. Edit: Yes picture! this is the flowerprincess

In Holland it's old news but I didn't look in to it because frankly princesses are not my thing. .. I'm not into glitter and well I just don't like them usually. My son loves them but he dresses up at daycare so I wasn't bothered. But well I was so wrong, these princesses are something completely different. They're the most wonderful collaged books and I just love them. Sorry no English info but check her site out for more princesses and look in to the book here.

If you click the 3 princess on the left (the wolken prinses , cloud princess) sheep are counting the sheep left under says vijf and that well is the ij in my name ;-) vijf off course means 5

And our own princess? Vomits all over the place is covered in chickenpox and has that 'Mom, do something about this' look...

zaterdag, maart 18, 2006

Also totally amazed

that somebody found my site while searching for 'collectible dolls and teddybears' and wasn't disappointed when she found this blog in fact impressed enough to leave a nice comment!

Thanks dear anonymous commenter!

Well I cheated

Twice.. Once because of work and that was so nasty that I decided I might have some fun as well. So late last night I found out that while I was the first to comment about the use what you have mont thing it now has grown to a flickrgroup and a logo and all! Cool.. So here is for being better at it then computerfreefriday's.. It might go a little quiet here for a while. Our little girl managed to get chickenpox and stomachflue at the same time. I'm not looking forward to the coming days. I so dislike diseases that get my children to look like aliens..

Completely unrelated: Do you know that feeling that you see something pretty and than moments later you realize you've made that. I have that with my columns or articles sometime but felt it again when I watched at the poppies framed:

donderdag, maart 16, 2006

I'm going to do the computerfree

friday thing.. We are at the moment post holiday structureless in and my kids don't benefit. So I'm going to reïmplement some method in our madness today and I think mom not sneaking off to the poeter (as my son called it when he was a baby) will help dramatically..

I've also told toni I would join in the craft with what you got april challenge so I might need to go to the store for as long as it is march ;-)

Autum asked how to pronounce mijk. Any dutch men who knows an audiolink or has a better way to describe this beautifiul and unique sound is welcome. It is my nich but one I'm very very fond of since it was my petname in childhood. It is a name as welll usually spelled Meike..

Anyway I found this explanation I'm not overly pleased with it I would say the ou sound just like the ou in ouch way simpler !

I'll be her saturday (craving)

Li I'll e-mail then! Promise!

For those who actually want

to see some crafting. A picture of one of my preblog products. I've got several unfinished projects laying around the house but my work has been crazy! (And in my holiday well I made anothewr kitten as a gift I did some secretcrafting for surprises and most of the time I d absolutely nothing and it was divine!)

maandag, maart 13, 2006

What does this blog do for me?

When I started blogging I thought it would be a good way of self motivation. I would want to post crafty things and therefore had to craft.
It wasn't as simple as that. It provides me with so much more.
It provided room for my creativity, a place to do certain things. It is just like an actual place. Like my study (though neater oh the joy's of virtual housekeeping).

I struggle wording this so bear with me but the thing is I think I'm the kind of person who needs to make things visual.I'm a very disorganized person with a short attentionspan and there are a thousand thoughts in my head at any given moment (There like about 33 anecdotes popping up right know that I won't go into....)
And like in a house I need somewhere to put them and the thoughts and feelings that have no place somewhere in my life don't get the concentration they deserve. They're junkthoughts.

I've tried to keep diaries all my life but it just is useless talking to myself. Setting up therapy a while back was an excellent way of making space for some thoughts about myself and it worked wonders.
Since then I've tried to make space for certain important stuff a lot more by giving it it's own time or space..
This blog works perfectly for that.... It's a place to put my thoughts about creativity and life-improvement. I have to think them through a bit better and I can reread and as a complete bonus sometimes someone agrees with me!

It means that the things you read here are theory sometimes. My house unfortunately is neither neat or pretty at the moment. But working on why that is so important for me and acknowledging why it is not just vanity is an important step I think to actually get it neat and pretty most of the time.

As often I think all these pretty thoughts were inspired by Alicia, I think she must have the prettiest house I've ever seen. Sometimes while reading blogs I start to believe that there is no ordinary dust in Portland just fairydust..

Why pretty is better

I never was a girl for pretty. I loved skirts but used to climb trees in them as a kid and wore my doctor Martens under them always untill far in my twenties. I wore mostly black anyway.. I've always had short hair, no make up .. It wasn't for me. I actually laughed a bit about all the girls needing that..

My therapist loves her fairytale-analyses and every now and then she calls me Cinderella. She was the one who showed me how I dressed prettier when I felt good.. So now I make more of an effort and after years of silence I dare to say I love oilily, I even love pink, I like pretty, I love flowers.

But still a part of me felt that pretty was a luxury. That it shouldn't be necessary. Oh a Calvinist upbringing as ever there was one.. And then to day biking to work it clicked: pretty is better.

I've always known this to be true for certain things like this.
Yes, I've been a scout for 20 years and I can build all that and one thing that is so important is that it's neat. Neat, tidy and pretty. If you're pioneering you have to be neat. An knot that's not neat will slip and you don't want that when you made it in a bridge or a toilet.

Sewing is the same of course. Tiny stitches are more secure but how often do you refer to them as pretty? I know I do. Tiny and even is pretty, it is better aswell.

So I think that it is often the same thing. Things that are pretty are generally thought out things. Made with care things. Made with attention for detail by someone who knows what she is doing. Making myself pretty is not vain, it is caring for myself. Taking the effort and time to do something for myself.

Making my house pretty is about making our lives better because we live in an environment that we thought about..

So pretty is the new black around here....

P.S. I loved to see all those knots again I suddenly think about all kinds of uses in crafting

zaterdag, maart 11, 2006

and one more


So I'm home and will be writing soon, but pictures first. Most are mine some husbands.. I love the sea, ain't the colours beautiful?

The first picture shows the same view as the last one only in the mist. It was kind of magical being on a misty beach...

woensdag, maart 01, 2006

Intimidated me? Yeah...

Autum was talking about how intimidated she can feel in this blogging world of domestic goddesses. I so get what she says in fact I posted about it before.
As a matter of fact at this point in time I'm seriously intimidated by her. I've asked her to swap with the idea of swapping fabrics and a little handmade gift. I'm very charmed with the idea of buying fabric and seeing what some else does with it. I usually see a fabric and the ideas start to come. But it seems great fun to watch how someone else uses what you bought eventually..
Then the handmade gift.. I had an idea in mind but the supplies didn't arrive it seems that for the first time an online purchase has gone wrong. And I'm of for a holiday in 2 days time and it was my project to take with me.. I will find other projects and will restart thinking about what to make Autum but then I read this at Toni's simple sparrow (who I read everyday and forgot to link, typical)..

Can you believe it I'm gonna make a swap with someone who is able to sew a pocket in a bag in a way that you don't see stitches..

I'm nuts.. My sewing had got naive charm ..Which is a kind way of telling I'm not a natural in machinesewing. .

I know I'm whining. I'm beyond tired, have a to do list as long as the rol off toiletpaper my daughter unrolled in the bathroom and it is not the happiest time of the month for me anyway and I'm going on a springholyday and it has started snowing today. Look here Mirre made pictures (check out her stuff to she makes beautiful things).

So Autum it might be a little late and it might be unperfect (it will be..) but I'm gonna make you something as good as I can at this point in life!

My holidayretreat is internetfree so I'll be away for a while. I'll promise to do lots of crafting to tell about and there might be some corners of my second home too. (It is my parents summer house so we can actually do stuff there and some how that is loads more fun than doing things here!)


I can't believe the word I was looking for for this pre-easterperiod is Lent In Dutch lente is the word used for spring and in my protestant tradition we named lent de 40 dayperiod As in 40 days to Easter. Here the fasting has been changed into a period in which you try to be aware of the difference you can make. The theme chosen by my church this year is 'kies bewust voor je naaste' and that loosely translates to 'Make conscious choices concerning your fellow men'. As in Matthew 25.

I've been thinking about how I could incorporate this in my life the coming period and beyond. And inspired by this article on posie gets cozy I decided to be more aware of how I shop. Do I support the companies that I admire or do I admire them and shop elsewhere. It happens not on purpose but still..

I'm trying to find a decent butcher but they all disappeared in this town and still I buy fruit and veg in the supermarket to often trusting that my independant vegetableshop owner can live on eating not sold fruit..

I've started by subscribing to this wonderful just started local lifestylemagazine that I would hate to miss. As a paper editor I hear the 'I love your magazine so much I always read it at the neighbor's, library, my parents' -comment so often and it makes me cringe because we are actually losing money and battling to stay afloat..

I'm out to buy my groceries and I will try to act upon my lentresolutions!