dinsdag, februari 28, 2006

Tuesdaypost number 2

All over the internet beautifull vintage finds are shown and I love seeing them so here is my vintage fabricstash.

Isn't this the most delightful 70s fabric. Heart trees! (since when sit duck in trees?)

The paisley is a recent find. The cream is actually embroidered and the threes are on a 30sh curtain my granny had in a cupboard. Lucky me has the cupboard too ..

I love how this fabric is 2 sided! I think the blue will be my next purse. The bonnet one is stiffened already..

And here is what makes me practice my embroidery. The text on the Dutch girl thing says: Wat moeder maakt dat smaakt. Which means something like: What mother cooks tastes good. The napkinholder is richelieux? work according to my mil and it is so neat handstitched there is a handkerchief aswell with handemboidered flowers..

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autum zei

Great stuff. I really like the duck print and your purse turned out very nice!