dinsdag, februari 28, 2006

tuesdaypost number 1

I shamelessly stole my the counting title from Manda. Such a simple idea to make sure you're not gonna miss a post. Of course I'm putting pressure on myself now and there is pressure enough. I've procrastinated a lot lately at work and tomorow the printing starts (I'm editor of a local churchpaper) and I have to write an interview and call people and well it's that one day in the week that I look like someone with a very important job (with two phones ringing at the same time and floods of e-mail coming in).

So for post one the marimekko bag. The orange fabric is the same as from orange kitty and I found the combination together at my local charityshop...

The picute isn't great but well it poors here again. So it can't behelped.. Bag isn't perfect either and I still need to resew a tiny piece and add a closure..

The lady at a local sewingmachinehouse loved it so much that she asked if I was taking orders I laughed so hard ;-) I will be making presents because I so loved doing it..

2 opmerkingen:

Mirre zei

De tas is mooi geworden!

Amy zei

Great job - the orange handles - -very dutch, eh?