woensdag, februari 08, 2006

Sun!!!!!!!!!!!and daffodils and sneakpreview poppies

There is sun. Need to get kids outside now! But first a sneak preview of my new fabric art project. It will be poppies. It was this instant inspiration moment. I 've got this skirt with this crinkle red almost seethrough fabric. I swear it is the texture of poppie leaves. I had al kinds of ideas for this. For garden bouquet like things and then simply opted for red and green on graphic blue background. Need to search the house for thin black to make the underside..
But love it so far..

If this goes alright I think I try daisies to persuade Atumn in a swap.....

Well that is a real sneak preview picture it isn't really clear I so desperately wanted to capture sun I forgot about all the rest..

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