dinsdag, februari 07, 2006

SPTL:I can't believe I'm actually doing this

When I read the assignment for all of me, Kath said it would be hard and I thought: Huh that's easy I'm so good at seeing faults in my self. We should do a brag theme. Because I find it very difficult to see the good things about me . I still think that but after seeing this picture I'm not sure I dare to post it yet I'll think I do. It's a bit warped since I made it myself holding the camera in front of me. So I'm not warped but I am that white and that tired remember nightfeeds? I still do 2 most nights with my still sick girl.) I'm white by nature and weary of sunstudio's but I think I have to overcome this fear. I haven't seen a beautician in ages.. Need to fix that too. What else is wrong? The lips, lost my lipbalm, the hair am growing it so it is now a real retro seventies hairdo..

Promise myself to post a more flattering one tomorrow ;-)

Anfd you know what Kath did? She posted herself giving birth. I call that cheating! She looked beautifull ! very glad she posted them I loved them and went looking for mine...

Almost cheated myself by posting a more flattering one (I swear this is by far the worst of 5!)

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Manda zei

I feel exactly the way you do! I took photo's of myself this afternoon that look just like yours but I haven't had the courage to post them yet. I really can't decide whether I really want the world to see me at my worst!
(and you look so much better than I do in my photo!)

autum zei

Here is what I see. Beautiful blue eyes a lovely milky complexion and nice full lips. I so wish I had full lips. What we percieve as faults others may see differently! I think all this picture needs is a smile. : )
By the way I'd love to do a swap!