donderdag, februari 23, 2006

Some crafting!

Monday I spend some time finishing projects and doing some minor home -improvements. Here is the evidence:

This doll is for my best mate who started her own business in december as a journalist working fro the major pressagency in this country. Of course she had to have a mascot and it ended up being Fred who is a bit of a stalker. I originally intended him to be an exhibitonist with an open raincoat and wearing a t shirt with message.. But well raincoats are not easy to sew. So all he had is a scarf. I love him anyway ;-)

This angel was gold and it just was too much gold so I gave it an Autumn solution with a can of spraypaint. I haven't dusted it before so the theory is that when I will wash it some of the gold will appear from under painted dust..

This skirt I made this morning. My mother stays with us so I got to sit behind the machine uninterrupted. I hadn't used my sewingmachine in a long time. I do love to handsew. It's much more zen..
Anyway I used this idea here!

Oh you know what I did monday aswell send in a application for a clothing making course knitting weaving if you want and sewing and Oh if I had made close ups you would see I need it..

Oh the orange kitten arrived at destination and was immediately eaten by the 6 month old baby who will be his new daddy. So glad I decided against buttoneyes..

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autum zei

Pretty skirt! I love Fred the stalker! :) Don't you love giving new life to something by giving it a coat of paint? Easy and so satisfying.