maandag, februari 20, 2006

Signs of spring !

So last picture first: I never thought much of stamps until I found the posts on stamps at beetlegrass. Aren't those dolls adorable?I loved the little samples of art she showed and viewed the miffy stampset (ready to put on outgoing mail) next to my computer with different eyes. So miffy went in an envelop rather than on them and in return Megan sent me this.

Picture the scene. It was saturday, I was in the kitchengarden with my son. He gets his own garden this year so we were working hard when husband said there is an envelope from America. And there I stood with hands covered in centimeters of clay!

After lots of scrubbing I found this inside. The birdshouses are my absolute favourite. It is so cute! And see the sheep and oh strawberries. If you check out Megans christmasroompictures (I adored them) you'll see I got a piece of the curtains! So now projects are thought up to use them..
They are all so lovely!

Well that was spring in the mail box!
Now for spring in the garden. I still had to flash to take a picture so their is a long way to go but well I had to record this little bit of spring to come!

The daffodils are supermarket bought. But when they start selling them it feels like a sign of spring too.. The flowers and bulbs are the start of sons garden. He so deperately wanted to start on his garden. So now we are praying for mild nights!

The corcusses are the only one of around 100 to come. They are next to the swing so there feet are in sand not in clay. Guess thats warmer!

And the first picture? Really springy but I'm just curious to see if any of you knows what it is..

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autum zei

Not a clue what that is but the colors are pretty. That was some great mail!

megan zei

Hey, I'm glad you liked it & wow, that arrived fairly quickly!

apprentice zei

I love material, I pick up pieces that I always mean to get around to using. In the haberdashery I always go to the remnant box.

Love buttons too.

li li zei

Hi, i couldn't find any email to write to so i'm leaving a comment here. :D I really love the miffy stamps and postcards that you sent to Beetlegrass, would you be interested to do a small swap on some goodies from Singapore?

Mijk zei

Li li I can't a-mail you back since blogger doesn''t do that but if you mail me at we can sure come up with a swap idea?