dinsdag, februari 21, 2006

Oh the market!

My mums over and therefore I'm the whole day at the office instead of picking up one tired bay at 1 o' clock and then work from home.. (that's grandma's job now) So of course I took a big lunchbreak. Tuesday is fabricmarket day in my town. It is awesome. Fantastic fabrics great prices.. Stalls full of wonderfull ribbons and fantastic buttons too. This is the loot of the day. The brown had Aqua and purple flowers on an almost velvetlike corduroy. And the orangey aquathing is bay corduroy. Both would make fantastic bags I think but it could be something completely different.. The ribbons were great finds too I think. I'm in love with the chicken and hare ones! I spend about 9 euros for 5 meter fabric and 4 meters of ribbon.

Picked up a book too:From the ground up: the story of my fist garden. Translated in Basilicum en rode Roses (basil and red roses) which is a great title. It was a bargain for € 5,-and the first pages were a good read too!
And now for some work ;-)

3 opmerkingen:

autum zei

Beautiful stuff! I really like the brown and aqua fabric. So, what was that picture of yesterday?

Mirre zei

Goeie buit!
Ik was vandaag ook op de markt, ook wat lappen gekocht, maar niet zo mooi als die van jou :)
Waar is jouw markt? (wil ik ook een keer naar toe!)

apprentice zei

Nice fabrics, makes me think of summer.

I knew it was rhubarb -nice when it's forced the stems are tender and a lovely colour of pink.
Try cooking it with a little root ginger it is lovely.