vrijdag, februari 17, 2006

Lessons learned from Pointy Kittens......

look how curious he looks at my camera

I had set my mind on making lots of kittens and I probably will, it is such a great softie. Bags of attitude! However my first one was not what I had in mind and I thought I should share my lessons learned with you:

* when using a pattern READ it.. It was only after finishing the floral kitty I found out through the comment section of the original kitty post that I shouldn't have cut a seem allowance. Therefore kitty in question is a lot more substantial than she should be. It is a bit of chubby fellow and to make matters worse

* You can't attach a kitties head secure using only one row of stitches
* big stitches don't save time. You'll have to do more big stitches and it will look ugly (Blind stitches ha ha. Yes well they look like I had my eyes closed indeed
. I loved to see all the kittens with ribbons popping up on the internet. I'm not the only shortsighted stitcher out there!
*Is not easy to put the felt stripes on symmetrically. You want to start by putting in a couple of stitches either side to support it.
* It is even more satisfying stuffing a 3 d softie than a flat doll. I love it when a flat package of fabric suddenly becomes a creature. Stuffing is just great..

*Hillary is absolutely right about the turning. And the bursting seems. The orange one had that. I will be vliesofixing the bellypieces next time I think..

I love how the orange one turned out. He will be a present for a boy whose mom is a vet so I think she will love a cat with attitude.
My son with the big heart has adopted the pink one and named her Zwong. No that doesn't mean anything in Dutch either but I love the sound of it. It fits her.. (My son is briljant with names He has a Simba beaniebaby that he has called: Kennis which is Dutch for Knowledge!)

It is a lot of fun doing this and it geve me loads of ideas for trying a 3d animal of my own design...

6 opmerkingen:

Mirre zei

Wauw, je hebt hem al af!!
Ik vind ze allebei heel leuk geworden... ook de gebloemde!

autum zei

Thanks for sharing your lessons! Your kitties are very cute and yes full of attitude and personality.

poppit zei

ze zijn toch zo mooi!!!

poppit zei
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Amy zei

Yes, I was one of those with a ribbon! Your orange kitty is really great -- I love your eyes without the choking hazards :-)

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