donderdag, februari 02, 2006

I'd expected

whip up to be a good read but it was truly thought provoking. The handmade things have special power post was one that fit seamlessly in my own thoughts. ( you will have to scroll to find it, this ladies keep producing post after post!) I've been toying with the concept of 'homemaking' ( for lack of a better word, remember I'm writing in a foreign language) in my head for several days. Even wrote an article about it in the paper I work for.

Why, do I always choose the difficult route was my main question. Why do I want to bake my own cakes. Cook not only our own food but the babies aswell, why do I love to make my own flowerarrangements and why do I grow my own vegetables. Why home made marmalades and not supermarketstuff?Why cloth diapers? And yes why want to make presents in stead of buying them..What is it about?

One of the answers was the same as what I read on whip up. And what I heard on masterchef yesterday. Food equals love. It is not the only love I give. But cooking is caring sewing is caring.
I'm astonished sometimes how fashionable it seems to tell you can't cook sew, garden or any other skill that would've been required for hundreds of years to stay alive really. I like to be connected with that past.

But the biggest part for me is that this timeconsuming processes connect me with life. I strongly believe life is not an adrenaline rush . Or a journey that should have comparences with a do Europe in a week trip. Highlight after highlight. In nature all good things come slowly but surely and most of the stages have their own beauty. I love to try and enjoy processes in my life.

Convenience food does enter this house and I can love it. But the commercial that I saw today of a man reading the paper while waiting for his microwave to beep made me uneasy. Because what is the time he saved? What does he do with it and why does he want to save that time? Why is reading papers better than cooking (and well I am a journalist so paper reading is a big thing here!)..

And then I thought of my scientist husband who always helps remind me of basic physics so one rule I'm familiar with is that something can't give more energy than has entered it.
So that's why I go for the long processes. Out of pure scientific reasons!

P.S. Stay tuned I'm actually crafting today.. So have something to show tomorrow promise

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Mirre zei

Ik vind dat een mooie levensfilosofie!
Misschien vind je dit weblog ook wel leuk om te lezen:

Zelf lukt het me niet om overal uitgebreid de tijd voor te nemen, maar gelukkig vaak wel.
Ik vind whip up trouwens ook een aanwinst.

Ik heb een link geplaatst op mijn blog naar de jouwe :)

Fijn weekend!

Susan zei

Have you read Monique Wortelboer's book on housekeeping (Huishouden, de zorg voor het leven) -- that got me really thinking about what an influence a well kept house can have, both on my own life as well as my children and husband. It made me look at things differently and encouraged me to make changes where I could.

Now when I just don't have any ZIN in cleaning or organizing, I whisper to myself: it's housekeeping, it's taking caring of life :-)

Found your blog through SPT. Interesting read/pics!

Amy zei

Thanks for the comment about the physics of handmade things. It is truly thought provoking. (Found your site through Wee Wonderfuls comments re: Pointy Kitty.)