zondag, februari 12, 2006

Finished (and Olympic cheers)

I've finished them. I decided that it would be to difficult to find matching black fabric so I painted the red with a permanent marker. I'm not really sure about how the black shapes turned out but it looks like poppies. What I love about this one that I've freedrawn all the shapes. Me , the I can't draw person. I can I just let them steal my confidence at school ;-)
Really this blogworld makes me gather new confidence and I love it. I was a bit inpatient in starting the green stitches and then ran out of thread and had to buy new which matches the fabric better but is not the same as first. Well it doesn't really bother me. I still love it..

The text says: Het leven is nu
Which means : Life is now

Felt a good message to read every now and then and in keeping with poppies ...

And well I don't know if your up for speedskating but well wow yes. The first gold has been won! I always tear up watching individual sports and this was so call. 1 silver and 1 gold after 2 races ain't bad! And cheers for all the knitters too!

And you know what I'm gonna make now the poppies are finished? A kitty of course

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autum zei

I love the poppies! Thanks for sharing the progress. I cry watching the olympics too.

Mirre zei

Heel mooi geworden!

Strikkelise zei

Lovely! Great colours.
About the girl scout badges, I plan to use them as ordinary sew-ons on clothes and bags. As they are not "earned", they are purely decorational for me. I love them!