dinsdag, februari 28, 2006

Tuesday post number 3: SPT

I have a tiny head. I have in fact a head that is so tiny my 3 year old boy's head is a bigger (I kid you not he got some caps for his dressingupgear and they wouldn't fit..)..

I'm ok with it I'm used to it they still hold all the brain I need but sometimes It just strikes me like on this picture..


Tuesdaypost number 2

All over the internet beautifull vintage finds are shown and I love seeing them so here is my vintage fabricstash.

Isn't this the most delightful 70s fabric. Heart trees! (since when sit duck in trees?)

The paisley is a recent find. The cream is actually embroidered and the threes are on a 30sh curtain my granny had in a cupboard. Lucky me has the cupboard too ..

I love how this fabric is 2 sided! I think the blue will be my next purse. The bonnet one is stiffened already..

And here is what makes me practice my embroidery. The text on the Dutch girl thing says: Wat moeder maakt dat smaakt. Which means something like: What mother cooks tastes good. The napkinholder is richelieux? work according to my mil and it is so neat handstitched there is a handkerchief aswell with handemboidered flowers..

tuesdaypost number 1

I shamelessly stole my the counting title from Manda. Such a simple idea to make sure you're not gonna miss a post. Of course I'm putting pressure on myself now and there is pressure enough. I've procrastinated a lot lately at work and tomorow the printing starts (I'm editor of a local churchpaper) and I have to write an interview and call people and well it's that one day in the week that I look like someone with a very important job (with two phones ringing at the same time and floods of e-mail coming in).

So for post one the marimekko bag. The orange fabric is the same as from orange kitty and I found the combination together at my local charityshop...

The picute isn't great but well it poors here again. So it can't behelped.. Bag isn't perfect either and I still need to resew a tiny piece and add a closure..

The lady at a local sewingmachinehouse loved it so much that she asked if I was taking orders I laughed so hard ;-) I will be making presents because I so loved doing it..

zaterdag, februari 25, 2006

Have to change some minor faults

like putting new handles on because I accidently made one fabric handle twice as long as the other one so I'll wait with the picure for the improved version but wow this tutorial I used was great.

You know those texts in books 'thanks for the advice all the mistakes are mine only'. Well that was true with this. The things I did wrong were really 'Oh I didn't really read that well' mistakes..

I love how this tutorial is more of a how to than a pattern. it's giving me the information to make all sorts of shapes and I loved doing it. It was so rewarding and I can see a very proffesional looking result coming out of this given some practice..

donderdag, februari 23, 2006

Wish me luck.....

I'm attempting to make a purse for the first time ever and decided to uyse my much treasured treeprint fabric.. I would love to have a purse out of that material. It was only when I started to cut it up my eyes fell on a word..


Yep you guessed right this purse has to work because I'm cutting up a Marimekko design for it..

Fun thing is I loved it from the moment I saw it and never realised this

Some crafting!

Monday I spend some time finishing projects and doing some minor home -improvements. Here is the evidence:

This doll is for my best mate who started her own business in december as a journalist working fro the major pressagency in this country. Of course she had to have a mascot and it ended up being Fred who is a bit of a stalker. I originally intended him to be an exhibitonist with an open raincoat and wearing a t shirt with message.. But well raincoats are not easy to sew. So all he had is a scarf. I love him anyway ;-)

This angel was gold and it just was too much gold so I gave it an Autumn solution with a can of spraypaint. I haven't dusted it before so the theory is that when I will wash it some of the gold will appear from under painted dust..

This skirt I made this morning. My mother stays with us so I got to sit behind the machine uninterrupted. I hadn't used my sewingmachine in a long time. I do love to handsew. It's much more zen..
Anyway I used this idea here!

Oh you know what I did monday aswell send in a application for a clothing making course knitting weaving if you want and sewing and Oh if I had made close ups you would see I need it..

Oh the orange kitten arrived at destination and was immediately eaten by the 6 month old baby who will be his new daddy. So glad I decided against buttoneyes..

Anke got me thinking

about blogs and how fun it is to find new ones.. So she made me change my links finally. It now is more or less my daily read I probably forgot some but will add them later..

And I decided to do a post on an inspirational site here every week. I think I'll try to focus on dutch sites because I'm more likely to find unknown tresure that way.. So today check out this site with the most beautifull fabric art I've seen in a long time!

dinsdag, februari 21, 2006

And the picture was

the first new leaves of our enormous rhubarb plant. I think in a week or 3 we will be eating it again! I had to get the plastic bucket of to take a peak.. Next year we'll have to split it the bucket gets to small.....

Oh the market!

My mums over and therefore I'm the whole day at the office instead of picking up one tired bay at 1 o' clock and then work from home.. (that's grandma's job now) So of course I took a big lunchbreak. Tuesday is fabricmarket day in my town. It is awesome. Fantastic fabrics great prices.. Stalls full of wonderfull ribbons and fantastic buttons too. This is the loot of the day. The brown had Aqua and purple flowers on an almost velvetlike corduroy. And the orangey aquathing is bay corduroy. Both would make fantastic bags I think but it could be something completely different.. The ribbons were great finds too I think. I'm in love with the chicken and hare ones! I spend about 9 euros for 5 meter fabric and 4 meters of ribbon.

Picked up a book too:From the ground up: the story of my fist garden. Translated in Basilicum en rode Roses (basil and red roses) which is a great title. It was a bargain for € 5,-and the first pages were a good read too!
And now for some work ;-)

maandag, februari 20, 2006

Signs of spring !

So last picture first: I never thought much of stamps until I found the posts on stamps at beetlegrass. Aren't those dolls adorable?I loved the little samples of art she showed and viewed the miffy stampset (ready to put on outgoing mail) next to my computer with different eyes. So miffy went in an envelop rather than on them and in return Megan sent me this.

Picture the scene. It was saturday, I was in the kitchengarden with my son. He gets his own garden this year so we were working hard when husband said there is an envelope from America. And there I stood with hands covered in centimeters of clay!

After lots of scrubbing I found this inside. The birdshouses are my absolute favourite. It is so cute! And see the sheep and oh strawberries. If you check out Megans christmasroompictures (I adored them) you'll see I got a piece of the curtains! So now projects are thought up to use them..
They are all so lovely!

Well that was spring in the mail box!
Now for spring in the garden. I still had to flash to take a picture so their is a long way to go but well I had to record this little bit of spring to come!

The daffodils are supermarket bought. But when they start selling them it feels like a sign of spring too.. The flowers and bulbs are the start of sons garden. He so deperately wanted to start on his garden. So now we are praying for mild nights!

The corcusses are the only one of around 100 to come. They are next to the swing so there feet are in sand not in clay. Guess thats warmer!

And the first picture? Really springy but I'm just curious to see if any of you knows what it is..

vrijdag, februari 17, 2006

Lessons learned from Pointy Kittens......

look how curious he looks at my camera

I had set my mind on making lots of kittens and I probably will, it is such a great softie. Bags of attitude! However my first one was not what I had in mind and I thought I should share my lessons learned with you:

* when using a pattern READ it.. It was only after finishing the floral kitty I found out through the comment section of the original kitty post that I shouldn't have cut a seem allowance. Therefore kitty in question is a lot more substantial than she should be. It is a bit of chubby fellow and to make matters worse

* You can't attach a kitties head secure using only one row of stitches
* big stitches don't save time. You'll have to do more big stitches and it will look ugly (Blind stitches ha ha. Yes well they look like I had my eyes closed indeed
. I loved to see all the kittens with ribbons popping up on the internet. I'm not the only shortsighted stitcher out there!
*Is not easy to put the felt stripes on symmetrically. You want to start by putting in a couple of stitches either side to support it.
* It is even more satisfying stuffing a 3 d softie than a flat doll. I love it when a flat package of fabric suddenly becomes a creature. Stuffing is just great..

*Hillary is absolutely right about the turning. And the bursting seems. The orange one had that. I will be vliesofixing the bellypieces next time I think..

I love how the orange one turned out. He will be a present for a boy whose mom is a vet so I think she will love a cat with attitude.
My son with the big heart has adopted the pink one and named her Zwong. No that doesn't mean anything in Dutch either but I love the sound of it. It fits her.. (My son is briljant with names He has a Simba beaniebaby that he has called: Kennis which is Dutch for Knowledge!)

It is a lot of fun doing this and it geve me loads of ideas for trying a 3d animal of my own design...

woensdag, februari 15, 2006

Corners of my home

It's been a while but here are some corners of my home

The kitchen is actually only a corner in my living room but I still like it. If anybody has any ideas of what to use the tanjine ( the brown thing... for I'm all ears. The recipebook that came with it only has food served in it. And I would like to cook with it. The espressomachine was a generous weddinggift and I love it too bits. The teacosy was a wedding present too as were the knives I love it that I have these gifts that we use every single day. The circle on the neighbor's housewas actually left by a zwarte piet who stayed there this December. We had one too!
OH and the green thing. That's appelstroop (applesyrup?) It comes in a plastic apple and I feed the stuff to my children everyday because I want the container!

And well this one doesn't need any comment. Spring might be round the corner but it still rains every day:

And now for a very political corner of my home. Our attempt to support the Danes:

I wish though sometimes this stuff would only take a corner instead of all the living space ;-)

dinsdag, februari 14, 2006

Spt: My heart in my arms

I was around 14 hours into my new life as a mum when this picture was taken. It was made by a nicu-nurse with a polaroidcamera to take upstairs to my own bedroom to help pumping. My son was ill. Really really ill. He was a groaning sad little baby and nobody knew what was wrong with him. The moment this picture was taken was actually the first moment after the first hour of his live that I could look at him. I remember when they wheeled my bed through the hospital being so so afraid I wouldn't recognize him. Of course I did. I was in a bad shape too. I lost a lot of blood but was denied a blood transfusion the first couple of days because they thought I had enough left. I couldn't walk, wash myself, stand to look at my baby. My son was 5 days old when I finally got a chance to check he really was a boy. I remember seeing this picture the first time thinking my son looks dead in it and I look like a witch. I've got a bit of a pointy chin I know but surely that was not my nose. Actually this thought made me look up the picture for this theme. But it isn't the reason I chose it. Looking back at it I remembered how the hospitalstaff got all of me: My anger, my tears my despair, My pride My happiness. I don't think I've ever felt so emotionally naked as in those days. I knew that I wouldn't get any help at home (Normally in Holland you get a nurse in your home the first 8 days after birth) and I know I would need to be strong then so I decided that unlike the ladies around me I wouldn't try to keep emotions private in the hospital. I can so remember the nurses asking why do you cry!. Well 4 days postpartum and the doctors are worried about my son and I fainted under the shower? The weirdest thing is I never cried like that again. Not the big relieving sobbing. It scares my son and I quit it. Not intentionally I do miss it but somehow I can't get all of me out like that anymore.. All ended well. The blood got me back on my feet and the boy ended up being perfectly healthy!

zondag, februari 12, 2006

Finished (and Olympic cheers)

I've finished them. I decided that it would be to difficult to find matching black fabric so I painted the red with a permanent marker. I'm not really sure about how the black shapes turned out but it looks like poppies. What I love about this one that I've freedrawn all the shapes. Me , the I can't draw person. I can I just let them steal my confidence at school ;-)
Really this blogworld makes me gather new confidence and I love it. I was a bit inpatient in starting the green stitches and then ran out of thread and had to buy new which matches the fabric better but is not the same as first. Well it doesn't really bother me. I still love it..

The text says: Het leven is nu
Which means : Life is now

Felt a good message to read every now and then and in keeping with poppies ...

And well I don't know if your up for speedskating but well wow yes. The first gold has been won! I always tear up watching individual sports and this was so call. 1 silver and 1 gold after 2 races ain't bad! And cheers for all the knitters too!

And you know what I'm gonna make now the poppies are finished? A kitty of course

donderdag, februari 09, 2006

Poppie progress (Edited to actually get the picture in)

As you can see things have changed allready! I still need to find thin black crinclefabric for their hearts but I can stitch tonight!

Susan left a comment a couple of post below in wich she discussed a book about housekeeping I read it and suggest another one. Then tonight son wanted to read Frog and Toad and oh everytime he goes through that face I am stunned by the wisdom in that book. Particularly on the houskeeping front. But well I still do lists for things I want to do tomorrow!

Edited: Blogspot has been acting really really weird!

woensdag, februari 08, 2006

Sun!!!!!!!!!!!and daffodils and sneakpreview poppies

There is sun. Need to get kids outside now! But first a sneak preview of my new fabric art project. It will be poppies. It was this instant inspiration moment. I 've got this skirt with this crinkle red almost seethrough fabric. I swear it is the texture of poppie leaves. I had al kinds of ideas for this. For garden bouquet like things and then simply opted for red and green on graphic blue background. Need to search the house for thin black to make the underside..
But love it so far..

If this goes alright I think I try daisies to persuade Atumn in a swap.....

Well that is a real sneak preview picture it isn't really clear I so desperately wanted to capture sun I forgot about all the rest..

dinsdag, februari 07, 2006

SPTL:I can't believe I'm actually doing this

When I read the assignment for all of me, Kath said it would be hard and I thought: Huh that's easy I'm so good at seeing faults in my self. We should do a brag theme. Because I find it very difficult to see the good things about me . I still think that but after seeing this picture I'm not sure I dare to post it yet I'll think I do. It's a bit warped since I made it myself holding the camera in front of me. So I'm not warped but I am that white and that tired remember nightfeeds? I still do 2 most nights with my still sick girl.) I'm white by nature and weary of sunstudio's but I think I have to overcome this fear. I haven't seen a beautician in ages.. Need to fix that too. What else is wrong? The lips, lost my lipbalm, the hair am growing it so it is now a real retro seventies hairdo..

Promise myself to post a more flattering one tomorrow ;-)

Anfd you know what Kath did? She posted herself giving birth. I call that cheating! She looked beautifull ! very glad she posted them I loved them and went looking for mine...

Almost cheated myself by posting a more flattering one (I swear this is by far the worst of 5!)

maandag, februari 06, 2006

Because I long for colour

we suffer from terrible watercold weather 5 degrees with the wettest, grayest, most depressing fog one can imagine. So this is just to remind myself that once in the far away future we will be playing in the sun again!

vrijdag, februari 03, 2006


by this beautiful miniquilts that Manda posted and remembering this I created this spring arty textile thing and I quite like the look of it. Of course if I had thought it out before starting I would have let room in the solid bloc for the text but I love doing something that comes together while working. The text says 'En weer begint de wereld opnieuw' which I would translate in something like 'And once again the world started again'...

I've scanned it after framing it because I realised that here wouldnt be enough light for pictures the whole weekend probably! I'm amazed how well the scanning went!

donderdag, februari 02, 2006

I'd expected

whip up to be a good read but it was truly thought provoking. The handmade things have special power post was one that fit seamlessly in my own thoughts. ( you will have to scroll to find it, this ladies keep producing post after post!) I've been toying with the concept of 'homemaking' ( for lack of a better word, remember I'm writing in a foreign language) in my head for several days. Even wrote an article about it in the paper I work for.

Why, do I always choose the difficult route was my main question. Why do I want to bake my own cakes. Cook not only our own food but the babies aswell, why do I love to make my own flowerarrangements and why do I grow my own vegetables. Why home made marmalades and not supermarketstuff?Why cloth diapers? And yes why want to make presents in stead of buying them..What is it about?

One of the answers was the same as what I read on whip up. And what I heard on masterchef yesterday. Food equals love. It is not the only love I give. But cooking is caring sewing is caring.
I'm astonished sometimes how fashionable it seems to tell you can't cook sew, garden or any other skill that would've been required for hundreds of years to stay alive really. I like to be connected with that past.

But the biggest part for me is that this timeconsuming processes connect me with life. I strongly believe life is not an adrenaline rush . Or a journey that should have comparences with a do Europe in a week trip. Highlight after highlight. In nature all good things come slowly but surely and most of the stages have their own beauty. I love to try and enjoy processes in my life.

Convenience food does enter this house and I can love it. But the commercial that I saw today of a man reading the paper while waiting for his microwave to beep made me uneasy. Because what is the time he saved? What does he do with it and why does he want to save that time? Why is reading papers better than cooking (and well I am a journalist so paper reading is a big thing here!)..

And then I thought of my scientist husband who always helps remind me of basic physics so one rule I'm familiar with is that something can't give more energy than has entered it.
So that's why I go for the long processes. Out of pure scientific reasons!

P.S. Stay tuned I'm actually crafting today.. So have something to show tomorrow promise