maandag, januari 02, 2006

Why blog?

Because I love reading them thats why. I've been thinking about starting one for over a year now and well isn't the 2 th of january a wonderfull day to start fresh things? It was an awfull busy workday today so it made perfect sense to drift away and create this home in my computer..

One of the main reasons for not starting was I couldn't decide in wich language to write . I'm dutch and I love my language. In fact it is my main worktool. I don't read Dutch blogs though..

I read blogs in english from around the world. It has opened my world. I stopped thinking all americans are stupid (though I still think Bush is.. )
and I learned that the norwegian word for knitting is strikken which is a lovely word (it is dutch for bows) and so much better then breien..a word thats sounds similar to mush...

And there you have another reason for writing in a foreign language: I once heard someone say in a different language you think different thoughts. And I want to find out if he was right!

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lottamaria zei

Hello Mijk!
It's so funny, this thing about blogging! As I happened to find you blog (great titel!) and read the first post - *bling* - just my thoughts! All of them: why blog, which language, my own room...
(I come from Finland, live in Austria - and write- well, yes, in English...)

Great to learn more about you - your blog is already in my favorites ;-)
best regards, jaana maaria

Tanja zei

Hoi Mijk,

thanks for thinking that not all Americans are dumb, that makes my life easier :-)

Bedankt ook voor het achterlaten van een berichtje op mijn site, echt harstikke leuk. Overigens ben ik aan de deken begonnen met breien, maar het duurt vast wel 100 jaar voor ik hem af heb.

Dutch blogger, living in America, writing in English