woensdag, januari 25, 2006

what the???????

Took a little bit of time to ad some links and now all the links go to are elsevier. Wich is a dutch magazine that I do not really like. It is a bit to rightwinged for my taste. How the hell does it show up in my sidebare. I checked and doublechecked and it irritates me no end

Oh the girl has infected tonsils. She is so poorly but takes her antibiotics like a trooper (wich is good she had pneunomia in summer and then had to be hospitilised to get tem through a feeding tube!)

Remmber this was my week ;-)

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autum zei

I have had weeks like that! Hope next week will be better and your little one will be well! Thanks for the transfer suggestion. I looked at the info at craftster and I wish I had thought of that earlier. I may order some of the paper and try it for some valentine's cards.