vrijdag, januari 27, 2006

a touch of dutch

This is I think the betterknown dutch design. I quite like it myself and I could go here to buy it. I don't because well I don't have the money. I rather spend it on this shop full of nice stuff. Or I'll read my kids this before bedtime. The son also loves this.

And we read anything by this lady, ussually beautifull illustrated by her. I used to love toread my grandmothers books for young ladys and I loved the pictures. Here you can see what I mean
And then we have history. For most holydays I go to a province where they wear this
traditionally. Next time I'm gonna search for a shop like this. Suddenly you see why this is very dutch aswell!

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Mirre zei

Leuk al die nederlandse dingen!
Hema is mijn favoriete winkel!!
Die stoffenwinkel ziet er trouwens heeeel interessant uit :)